And a Happy New Year....

Happy New Year!

Hope this post finds all of you surviving and thriving. We had a great Christmas, and now we are home enjoying some quiet days in our pj's.

I have begun my major winter clean out and declutter. I do this every January, and I find that it always needs doing! Every year. It's a good time to move some stuff out since the flurry of new toys from Christmas and a couple of birthdays has arrived. Yesterday, I began sorting through children's clothes, starting with the youngest and moving up to the oldest. I'm convinced I could clothe 10 little girls under five. It is so hard to let go of good clothes in good condition! Plus, I'm sentimental.

But, I love being free from the burden of too much stuff. I like knowing what I have and using it. One time I let a whole season's worth of great hand-me-downs sit in a box just because I was so overloaded. I LOVE hand-me-downs, so now I'm much more on top of my children's clothing. I'm convicted that not owning too much is being a better steward of our resources.

Another reason I like decluttering is the house is much easier to clean.

And most importantly, I'm much more likely to engage with my children when I'm not constantly managing our things.


I'm not making any resolutions this year. I'm more interested in forming good habits....little by little. Eat well, exercise regularly, read more, stop yelling at my kids....these are all things I would like to implement indefinitely, gradually, and permanently.

A few months ago, I read Better Than Before. Loved this book along with all of Gretchin Rubin's books.


Though I don't have resolutions, I do have a word and a theme of the year. The word is MATURITY. Something about being in our thirties and having a fourth child has really brought out the adult in me and my husband. I'm hoping, praying, and working toward continued maturity in 2016. I (we) are the grown ups, and I think it's so important that we act like it. To me, I think maturity covers deep, spiritual growth as well as things like...staying up to date on doctors appointments, being organized, not staying up too late, fulfilling our commitments, and sticking to a budget.

My theme of the year is "the most frugal and thrifty year ever." I feel like I have grown over the years to finally...want less. Also, with year after year decluttering there are so many things I "had to have," and now I'm hauling them off to Goodwill. I feel like years of exercising frugality and thrift are finally paying off and 2016 is the year I'm looking forward to putting so many lessons into practice.


So curious, do you have a resolution? A word or theme of the year? Do you like to declutter as much as I do?


  1. Happy New Year to all of the Spooners!!!!

  2. We are also on the "less is more" train for 2016. I've been decluttering left and right. For me, the stuff distracts me from being happy and content with our house. We always talk about our dream condo, beautifully modern and sleek--and I'm determined to get there soon! I too am sentimental, but we're basically implementing "one in, two out" this year. There are so many who are in need and can use our unwanted items. There's simply no reason to cling to them. In the end, the memories are all that counts. Happy 2016 to the Spooners! Wishing y'all all the love.

  3. Happy New Year!
    I find the process of decluttering very therapeutic, and the resulting simplified spaces to be good for my soul. Life is easier when there's less "stuff" to manage!

    Regarding the maturity front- dealing with the first of my parent's illnesses and death when I was 32 was probably the event that fully morphed me into an adult. By the time we became parents at 40, I felt like I needed to retract some maturity and sprinkle in more whimsy and spontaneity!! So I understand your feeling, except from the reverse perspective!

    -Kim from Philadelphia

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