Staying Warm....My Favorite Winter Things

Sure I love to declutter, but I do love things that are useful and beautiful and make everyday life a tad more enjoyable. Here are a few of my favorite things I'm loving now that winter has FINALLY arrived after the warmest December of my life.

1. My dad gave each of my siblings and I a throw from the Company Store. It's smaller than a twin size comforter, and it is the perfect size blanket to curl up with and take a quick nap on a winter's afternoon. I also like using it in the mornings when I move from the bed to the sofa. I can finally quit trying to use my children's blankets. I have my very own!

2. My mom bought each of my children (except the baby) a pair of Hunter boots. {My parents are great gift givers.} Stephen, Laurie, and George muddy their boots up 6 out of 7 days a week. We have had tons of rain and our yard is a total mess. The boots are perfect for allowing them still go outside on the yuckiest days. I'm not typically stuck on name brands, but I will say that the Hunter's have been noticeably more durable than other rain boots we have owned.

3. Of course, coffee! I got a Starbucks gift card for Christmas, and I can't resist driving through and grabbing a coffee on my way to afternoon carpool. I like to order a short half caff coffee with cream AND an ice water. They have the best water.

This can't last forever because I don't do well with caffeine every afternoon. But for now, it's how I'm coping with the cold and back to school.

And I was doing so great with tea! Darn.

4. Caroline's teeny closet nursery is drafty and can get very chilly, so this ceramic heater has been so lovely for keeping my baby's room warm (but not too warm) while she sleeps. It has a thermostat, so it cuts off when the room reaches the set temperature.

What are your favorite winter things?!


  1. SB, soul sister. I do/have/indulge in all those wintry things, too. Hunters are worth the splurge, both for kids and adults. I recently bought cozy socks to go with AS boots, and they were also worth the money. Also, I agree space heaters in nurseries are game changers. 2 winter things I'm enjoying currently: Lodge dutch oven and I just started the book Orphan Train this morning. 👍🏻

  2. I have to say, this is my favorite blog and I hope you keep blogging for a long time! My favorite winter things right now are my hand-knit hat with a giant pink pompom on top that makes me feel spunky when I'm charging up the hill with our babies in the double stroller; our new Amazon Fire stick that allows us to binge watch TV at night AND majorly cut our cable bill, and my new face serum that doubles as a face wash and triples as a makeup remover. I've always been a makeup girl and lately my skin has been looking so good that I've been going without, gasp!

  3. Love all your things (and what color is your throw? Those colors are so dreamy all together). I got a new coat this winter - bright red and so warm! Love it. And I always always wear long johns under my jeans when it's cold. I feel so snug. I love to cook or bake something for a long time when it's cold outside - the house fills up with warmth and good smells and it's so cozy. Also, watching Downton Abbey online free right now while knitting - yay!

    1. Navy- it's a great color for such heavy usage. Hides coffee stains.

  4. Socks, a roaring fire, a good cup of coffee, and a hot pad in bed!

  5. My weighted blanket, hands down!! (Mine is a 15 pounder!) Also, my bread machine. Our house smells so, so good with fresh bread baking.

  6. Knitted wool gloves that have exposed finer tips. I can easily scrunch my fingers sovthatvtheycremsin fully covered, but can pop them out when I have to wrestle with the dog's waste bag!

    Kim from Philadelphia

  7. Ah, sorry for the typos!

  8. A heated mattress pad is the best! My (and most) version has dual zones with control over the temperature (although mind is always on high -- all night long). I live in a 100 year old house and hate getting into a cold bed. No more cold feet, and I can keep the heat down in the room.


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