Life Hack...Birthday Gift Box

We go to a BA-jillion little people's birthday parties. And it's so fun. Lots of friends, lots of people to celebrate. My kids live for it!

But you know what takes the wind out of my sails?

Running the errand to buy the birthday gift. Ain't nobody got time for that!

I am literally kicking myself when I don't plan ahead and end up buying a gift in desperation on the way to the party. I overspend. It adds needless stress. It cuts into my Saturday mornings.


To keep this mayhem from happening, every couple of months I stock pile children's birthday presents. All from my beloved Dollar Tree. And because it is truly the thought that counts, I try to keep costs to $1- $2 per gift.

This past Saturday, I restocked the gift box.

A few of my faves...

For the 3-4 year old boy...

And the 4-5 year old girl...
Beads and twine... love it.

Stickers and a shiny notebook. What 4 or 5 year old girl wouldn't appreciate these? This is good stuff!

I didn't find much for the 6 -7 year old boy age range.... but some glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces. Everyone is crazy for those. Glow sticks and a pack of gum. That would be a great gift for a 7 year old boy.

Also, I think the Little Golden books are nice gifts, especially for first and second birthdays.

So, do you have a gift box? You need one.

This is one of those life hacks that I have learned the hard way. Trust me. Ask my husband. He's seen me flying out the door one too many Saturday mornings....cursing the whole way.


  1. Brilliant post. I love the beads and twine. Stella would do that for hours!

  2. Great ideas! I saw an idea for a "tent set" once - a sheet, clothespins, rope, that I thought was cute. I have a gift box, but it tends to have things for adults and it only gets stocked randomly :) What I do instead is buy the gift right after replying to the invitation. I combine it with another errand or something. I do this for wedding gifts, too, and it's SO MUCH better to have the pick of the registry than to wait until the week before when there's nothing but expensive items or random doodads.

  3. I agree! Choosing and getting gifts is stressful and a pain (I never know what kids already have, what the family's sensibilities are, I hate junk, etc.). Now, my go-to gift for most ages 6+ is MadLibs. I buy a big stack at once and we give 2 per kid. For littler ones, we like flashlights and umbrellas.


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