Big Boy Bed

This week, we moved G into a big boy bed. He turns 3 this month. Besides one big thud around 11pm on night 2, the move has been seamless. That's G, easy with life's transitions and milestones.

I'm a big believer in keeping babies in their cribs for as long as you can. All of my children have crawled out at some point, and we disciplined them for it. (And they responded well to discipline. I know that's not the case for everyone.) When we've had new babies, we bought or borrowed a second crib.

The crib is a safe haven. Plus, the thought of moving an 18 month old into a real bed was a battle I never wanted to fight. Also, the crib is a perfect place to put a toddler that is having a melt down. When a two year old can't deal, I scoop him/her up and stick them in their crib. My thought is... if you are going to have a fit, you can do it alone in your room.

When G fell out of the bed (poor fella), I immediately thought of this idea. It's genius.

I didn't have any pool noodles, so I rolled up some blankets and tucked them under the fitted sheet.

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  1. Love the precious picture of George - and so glad he's making this transition. Much love to all and they happiest of Christmases - by the way - to all of you.


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