Dollar Tree Goodness

I have stuck my head in a few dollar stores over the years, and I have always been underwhelmed. Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc. The merchandise is cheap, but not that cheap. Most things cost more than a $1. And in the end, I really did not know if I was getting a good deal.

My opinion has changed since I've discovered the DOLLAR TREE. Until I took my son's class as part of their Christmas party/field trip, I had never darkened the door. And I certainly did not realize that this dollar store, unlike the others, priced EVERYTHING at $1. One dollar.

Why didn't y'all tell me?!

Since Christmas I have become a frequent Dollar Tree shopper, stopping in at least once a week to get needed items. There is one close to my son's school and it is the perfect way to burn 20 minutes before I get in the carpool line. Y'all would not believe what's in there!

Let me tell you what I buy there:

Notebooks. I use these to make grocery lists and to-do lists.

Pens and pencils and other school supplies.


Stickers. I buy these to give as birthday gifts. In fact, I now buy all my children's friends' birthday gifts here. With 3 kids going on 4, we have so many birthday parties we are invited to. Good problems. My birthday gift budget is $1-$2.

Coloring books. Also, perfect for birthday gifts.

Glue sticks, scissors, etc.

Bread. They sell Nature's Own and Sunbeam. You can buy a whole wheat loaf for $1. I happened to be in there on a Monday morning before the bread delivery for the week, which is why these shelves are sparse. But I went back yesterday and bought 4 loaves of Nature's Own bread for $4.40.

Cleaning supplies. Ironing starch.

Plastic food containers.

Paper plates.

Pet supplies. I bought that blue bowl with the bones. Our dog, Jack, can stop using my Pyrex and mixing bowl.

Rubber bands, hair supplies.

Plastic serving pieces.

Kid's toothpaste and toothbrushes.


Paper cups and plates. Perfect for holidays and school parties.

So many colors.

More baskets, etc.

Pitchers, solo cups, plastics cups.

Gift wrapping.... bags.

And wrapping paper. Lots of cute wrapping paper and so many choices. I'm kicking myself for the $15 I spent on Target wrapping paper at Christmas last year.

Balloons. This kind, helium filled and the kind that say "congrats" "happy birthday" and "get well".

Birthday candles.

Cute paper plates.

Princess napkins.

It just keeps on going, folks.

Also, they always have great seasonal goods. I bought Easter buckets, candy, and eggs there this year.

All this stuff I've shared can be so marked up at other stores. You can't even get a decent box of birthday candles at Publix for less than $3.

The Dollar Tree is a busy mom's dream. The secret is to not go crazy and avoid taking your kids in there! Get what you need. Just now, I'm feeling comfortable enough to stock up on a few items like birthday gifts.

So tell me, did y'all know about this store?  Do you have one near you?


P.S. Thank you for your snack suggestions on my last post (see comments). I feel so inspired! The afternoon snack at our house has been a much more pleasant experience this week.


  1. Love it ! One of my favorite stops !! 😊

  2. This is CRACKING me up!!! I have been a Dollar Tree shopper for years! Glad you discovered it! :)

  3. Oh, I'm going to try it! Thanks for sharing! P.S. I've heard DT has a helium tank and will blow-up your balloons for you while you wait, too.

  4. My bday party kids gift budget is $2 too!!

  5. I attest to the DT goodness! See that scalloped popcorn tub on the bottom shelf in your photo of containers? I filled one of those with cute tissue paper, a few boxes of the real movie theater candy & microwave popcorn they also sell at DT and gave it as a gift... all for $7! One-stop shopping. :)

  6. I have always been confused about their names, although I did notice that once or twice I had gotten in a store where everything really was $1! I'll try to remember Dollar TREE after your evangelizing :) I have a secret love for cheap stores like this. There's a similar kind of thing downtown run by some Vietnamese families. I get my lucky bamboo there, as well as flip flops and crazy hair things for girls.

  7. I love the dollar tree.. It is fantastic...
    You should check out
    dotonadime you tube video.. This lady tells about her dollar tree haul, and she does lots of organizing with those adorable bins.. check it out...it will make you go to Dollar tree more often.ha

  8. I've been going there for years and years and buying the same stuff as you. I also get greeting cards there - birthday, wedding, shower, sympathy, graduation, etc.

  9. Stephen, Aaron and I did our "Christmas shopping" when we were younger for each other and our parents at Dollar Tree. I remember being amazed when my mom told me everything cost $1 - we could afford to pay with our own money out of our piggy banks.

  10. Um!! I'm going today! Now the trick will be getting out with Only items I really need :)


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