Large Affordable Art for My Kitchen

There were a handful of projects I wanted to get done before Caroline was born, and I knew if I didn't, it would be a 100 years or never.

At the top of the list was to get big art on the huge wall space in our kitchen. At first, I dreamed of a custom painting, maybe a farmer's market scene. But that idea was totally out of my price range.

And then I thought maybe a huge bulletin board with kids' art, etc. But we have so many kid decorated spaces, I decided to err on the side of something more sophisticated.

A friend (hi Whitney!) suggested a huge Audubon print which ultimately set me on the right track.

As I was searching for prints, I came across these gorgeous botanical posters (can't find the sunflower on the site anymore but the other one is here) and after getting a few second opinions, I ordered them. My decor savvy friend, Laura, convinced me that it was worth the risk, and if I didn't like them in the kitchen then I could put them on another wall.

I LOVE how they turned out, and I've only grown to love them more over time.

I bought the frames from Hobby Lobby, and my mom helped me with the matting because the poster size did not fit the frames perfectly.

These were so affordable, and there is so much great art on this website, ZAZZLE(dot)com. The map selection is really great. I could get lost for hours. So if you need some large scale affordable art, this is a great resource!


  1. Loved these and loved seeing all of you a few weeks ago.

  2. wow, love those prints in that space! And I did look at the website - what a resource. I was just telling my husband that I'm ready to change up some of our prints.

  3. I love how they look! What size of posters did you get?

  4. These look just lovely. I love how dark and sophisticated they look yet they're bright and cheery!


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