Improving My Laundry Skills

I'm stealing a few minutes with my computer and a cup of tea, and I thought I would share my latest break through in....


Ever present, never stopping LAUNDRY.

One day I stumbled upon this post....Do you feel like your house is always messy? 

How could I resist it?

Here's a quote from the post...

"doing laundry from beginning to end is a cycle. When you start a second load of laundry before you complete the first one, you’ve broken the laundry cycle. Then it gets harder to complete the cycle (i.e. put away the first load of laundry)."

This concept is revolutionary to me. The end of the cycle is putting it away, my least favorite part of laundry. I'm good at pushing loads through and piling small mountain ranges of clean clothes on our  bed. I even get as far as folding it most days. But putting it away, I loathe the task.

But by not putting it away, I'm never done. I continue to fold and fold, and then I have so much laundry to put away it's no wonder I dread it so much.

So because I had nothing to lose, I dabbled in a little laundry experimentation last week. I washed, dried, folded, and put away a load before I started another one. I'm not going to lie, it was little bit magical. There was a sense of done-ness with my laundry that I've never experienced before.

Do you do this? Put laundry away before starting a new load?

P.S. The blog post is about more then just laundry. It's about finishing jobs staying on task. Truly inspiring. 


  1. I love that laundry basket!

    I am amazed at how our laundry increased with just one more babe! Yikes.

    I was actually discussing that blog post with my BFF and I don't think it's efficient for my method, hanging laundry outside to dry. I fold and put away laundry at the same time in the room where it is stored instead of folding all of it first and then putting it away. This makes it a very interruptable task that I can fit in when I have a few minutes here and there. But I LOVE discussing household systems - so fascinating how people get the work done.

  2. I have been doing this for awhile...and you are right! It is a great feeling when you get ready to put clothes in the dryer, and there isn't a pile in there waiting to be folded and put away!!!

  3. I am with you, SB. I also hate folding. Fortunately, Steve is the best - really the best - at laundry. He has an amazing system and his folding is a work of art!!

    We had such a good time seeing all of you last month!

  4. This is changing my life. How genius. Thank you for posting!!!


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