Tiny Goals

After each baby, the little disciplines that are vital to my well being do not naturally make their way back in my life.

Bible reading, exercise, organization, healthy meals, etc fall to the wayside in those early weeks. And I have to fight to get these things back.

There is always something (or more often) someone right in front of me who needs me to do something! I have to start running the ship again so it does not run me.

So...I'm starting very small (tiny) this week with three things that I hope will restore my humanity again.

1. Read Bible 10 minutes/day.

In the living water sense, not the check list sense. A friend (hi Emily!) posted a picture of her daughter sitting outside with a little Bible, and in the caption she says, "Sometimes in the mornings, I ask AS to please leave me alone for 10 minutes so I can read my Bible. I found her outside a little while ago, and she politely asked me to go back inside for ten minutes while I wead my Bible, pwease."

This struck me. What an example! I can totally do 10 minutes even if it requires me asking my kids to leave me alone.

2. Walk 3 times a week.

I bought this awesome double stroller and I love it. 

3. Meal plan/grocery shop once a month.

Every time I get a little free time I find myself needing to go to the store...again. So I'm hoping that a major plan and grocery haul will decrease the number of times I have to go to the store. Sure I will have to run in for milk and bananas once a week. But, something's got to give. It's worth the experiment.


Honestly, I want to be more ambitious than these tiny goals. But my wiser self is standing shaking my other self saying "You have four kids, just do the best you can." 


picture from when she was 3 weeks old

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