Well, I sent my preschoolers off to school last week. I am so blessed by this time I have without my children. Just a few hours of quiet, not negotiating every little situation, not answering questions, not having them at home making a mess and constantly asking for milk - it really benefits us all.

I tell myself "I must put the oxygen mask on myself first." That's what this time is, time to catch my breath. Meanwhile, they are off learning and having fun.

Don't let that pic fool you. Preschool is George's happy place. 

I'm using the quiet hours to get us settled in our new house and to clean, cook, and maintain what needs maintaining.

Three cheers for preschool teachers!!!


  1. Your kids are just sooooo cute!

  2. I agree - such cuteness! (and the sandals - killing me!) Smart quote with the oxygen mask - makes your priorities crystal clear.

  3. Cute, cute, cute kids! Love George's curls. I bet those preschool teachers swoon!

  4. Three cheers for the Spooner kids. Can't believe they've grown up so fast!!! Love that Laurie seems to be trying to comfort George in his "crying" pic.

  5. I am completely envious. I have always been a preschool teacher/MDO teacher so I get no break from my kiddos (or other people's!). I am secretly looking forward to "big school" so that I can have a little alone time on non MDO days. Good for you!!!

  6. They can come to our house for preschool anytime!


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