My Super Simple Daily Housework Routine

I've shared my simple housework routine before, but it remains so tried and true I think it's worth sharing again.


A- Awake, body and mind.
B- Make the bed (or beds).
C- Clothes, start a load in the washing machine.
D- Dishes, unload/load dishwasher.
     Dinner, start dinner prep and whatever that entails - chopping, removing meat from the freezer, or
     throwing something in the slow cooker.

My mom taught me this method. It's not fancy and no cleaning chart is required! I love it because it helps me stay focused on the areas of the home that really need to be constantly in motion. Making the beds is more of a morale booster than a necessity, but is there anything worse that getting truly behind on laundry, dishes, and dinner plans?!

This routine helps me work past the toys and shoes scattered throughout the house and ignore the kitchen floor that needs sweeping and focus on the areas that need daily attention. Typically, I start this routine in the morning, but if we have a busy day the I can jump right in sometime during the afternoon.

Here's what ABCD looked like this morning.

5:30 am A: Sat on the sofa, drank an entire cup of hot, black coffee completely free of interruptions and read a Psalm.

(made lunches, did some school related paperwork, sent Stephen off to school with dad, and got dressed)

7:30 am B: I made our bed while the preschoolers were sitting at the table eating breakfast.

C: I moved a load out of the dryer, onto my (freshly made) bed. Moved load from washer to dryer. Started new load.

(cleaned up from breakfast, spent time with preschoolers, I have no idea what exactly happened with all this time)

9:45 am D: All kids finally at school, I unloaded/loaded the dishwasher and for Dinner I started the Pioneer Woman's Perfect Pot Roast in the crock pot.

The mess I let be to get the really important things done. I'm saving this for 5pm and making the kids help me pick up.


  1. love this! I agree, when I know everything has its time to get done, I can ignore the toy/shoe/book mess, too.

  2. Sarah Barry, I remember reading this on your blog way back when, but now that I have a full-time job and a husband, this new post was just nothing short of a GIFT! Thank you! Definitely going to start implementing this in our nation's capital. :)

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