Bead Necklaces

For weeks and weeks, Laurie has been asking me to make things. Nope, I don't want to make wings, or a yo yo, or whatever it is. YOU make it, I tell her.

She's always begging me to cut paper a certain way, draw a button to her liking, or get her some string.

Finally, she wore me down, and I thought...why don't I just get this girl some beads? Surely this will quiet her detailed requests.

And it has! This week, she has been making bead (or as she calls them - bean) necklaces with minimal help from me.

I rarely buy stuff for my kids to play with, but there was a real void in my girl's heart and it was so simple to buy these "beans" for her. Who am I kidding? Really, they are for me....so she'll leave me alone.

Stephen (small) has enjoyed the them too. He made me this necklace for me, and I really love it.

The gold owl necklace was my mom's in college, and I love it too!

Happy weekend. 


  1. ah, I recognize this journey of helping kids to create the stuff they dream about! Love this post and the end results!

    I have to always remind myself that the mess they make creating is worth the golden silence as they work. . .

    I don't buy my kids much, but I keep them supplied with tape, nails, scissors, and all the fabric/cardboard/paper they want.

  2. Pretty fabulous - love the beans - and the owl too!


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