Decor Book + Meal Planning + Socks + Georgie

Ya'll. I had the most relaxing weekend. Saturday afternoon, Stephen and Stephen went on a dove hunt, and once I got George down for his nap and Laurie in front of the TV, I got in the bed with a book and a cup of hot tea.

I had not realized how much I had been craving a little time to do nothing!

 {The Nesting Place}

I was reluctant to buy this decorating book because my taste and style are so different from Myquillyn Smith's, the author. But after a friend, who also has very different style, recommended it, I was sold.

You see, I have been paralyzed with what to do next in our new house. How do we prioritize?! The backyard needs sod. The master bath needs to be finished. The guest room needs a door knob and lamps. The kitchen, while very useable, lacks so many finishing touches. What area of the home gets the time and money first?

I don't know. But this book has inspired me to just keep going and chip away at all the projects one step at a time. I like what Myquillyn has to say because she's a normal person who has moved several times, been on strict budgets, and made mistakes. She's not a professional, just somebody who loves making her home beautiful, not perfect.

After reading a few chapters, I decided to move forth with the master bath. I finally ordered a light fixture.


Back tracking a little, Saturday morning, after I went on a great walk with friend, Laurie and I went to Costco.

I have been sticking with my philosophy of meal planning I came up with a while back: Just do it. Don't over analyze it. My main objective is to feed my family, not be a master money saver or gourmand or health nut. The goal is to feed the family. Yes, I take nutrition and cost into account, but I'm measuring my success more by if my family had yummy meals rather than if I did it for the tiniest amount of money or if it was the healthiest.

Cutting myself slack in this area has been so freeing!

Also, my love of Costco continues to grow. $2.89 for milk. You can't beat it.


In reference to my sock post, a couple of you asked me if our sock drawers were total chaos since I did a way with the sock box and started returning lone socks to their drawers.

No, I keep them neatly folded in my drawer and when the match shows up I reunite them and it feels so good.

Below is a pair of socks I reunited this very morning. Sock on left got stuck to a dish towel and for two weeks I thought she was gone. Her mate sat quietly in my drawer. The unthinkable happened and they are back together again.


Last, Georgie. Just because he's Georgie. I savor his baby-ness even though he's talking up a storm, moved on from footie pajamas, and climbed out of his crib 5 times last week.

And for crying out loud, he eats cereal.


  1. Great post - so glad you are back to blogging more. I love, love, love reading your posts.


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