Every Household Needs a Box of Rubber Gloves

A little GI virus has been making the rounds through town. And our littlest one got it. Thankfully it wasn't too bad. But still, a 20 month old + tummy bug is still bad at best.

The worst went down in the middle of the night one night (of course). So Stephen let me sleep in the next morning and he fed the boys leftover pizza for breakfast.

{his Instagram}

Anyways, my point is.... go buy a box of rubber gloves. Every household needs some. I always have a box. I had some the other night and I was SO happy.

It makes the task of cleaning up vomit and/or diarrhea a thousand times better [than it would be without gloves].

$9.34 off Amazon 
How to Keep the Stomach Bug from Spreading Through your House


  1. SB, this is the best advice! I love your practicality!

  2. Are latex gloves a Southern thing?
    Up North we just use towels and throw them in the washer...then wash our hands


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