Need a Gift Idea? We Love This United States Puzzle

Christmas is two short months away. Talking to some of my mama friends the other day, we were brainstorming about what to get our children this year. The consensus is we don't want junk! We want toys that will actually get played with and are enjoyed for more than a day.

I immediately thought of this United States puzzle. My mom bought this puzzle years ago for my kids to play with at her house. I asked if we could borrow it because of homeschooling.

This states puzzle is beloved, even by Caroline. She's 4. If you need a good gift to give your own family or a niece or nephew or grandchild, I can't recommend this enough.

What are your thoughts on Christmas this year?

This Spanish/English word shower curtain caught my eye for my kids' bathroom. Can't get my brain off educational gifts! Ha!

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  1. I have no thoughts on Christmas at this time! But I am a slow thinker, so it would be good for to start brainstorming. I think Phoebe would love that puzzle. Currently, she has a whole rack of toys that she doesn't play with AT ALL. I do change them out every few months, and then she briefly is interested. Right now, all she wants to do is ride her bike or "write" on scrap paper. And get her hands on the glue when I'm not looking. That's it. No toys.

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