Hello, long lost friends. I'm aliiive!! ((hugs))  x x
I've missed you all.

We are homeschooling our kids this year. To document and keep myself motivated and accountable I started a private Instagram account @spooner_school. In response to that, a couple of kind people asked me to blog about it. So here I am!

I'm here to talk about homeschooling, why we are homeschooling our oldest 3 kids.

Reason 1 Finances

Previously, our children attended an amazing classical Christian, private school. We loved it and still do. In fact, we are participating in school sports there which is a really wonderful way to keep up with friends.

In January of this year, my husband began pursuing a career change, so our income was totally uncertain. January is also the month you sign up and pay a nice deposit on your spot at private school. X 4 kids. With so many unknowns, we made the decision to commit to homeschooling during this major career shift. It was a relief -- and exciting!

Stephen has since found a new job that he loves, and it's been a wonderful fit for him. We are so grateful.

Reason 2 I have always been interested and kinda wanted to homeschool.

On the side, I have been tracking and following homeschool gurus for years. Given reason #1, it seemed like for such a time as this....God had long ago planted the seed and desire for homeschooling.

Reasons 3-9

No homework!
free afternoons
more time for family read alouds
time to teach life skills - chores, cooking, etc.
ability to travel in the off season
time to follow our interests
free play

My oldest child is 10. These are the last of our "little years" as a family before the tweens and teens. I see this homeschooling gig as the sweetest gift. We are soaking it up.

There are so many wonderful aspects to homeschooling, some not so wonderful ones, too. Believe me we've already had our share of tough days.


And you may be wondering why no public school for us. Well, our school system is...let's just say... complicated. We have many friends in public school, and we totally respect their choices.


  1. So glad to read this! I’ve been waiting to hear all about this journey and look forward to following along. Sounds like a great fit for you guys right now.

  2. We're still chugging along on the homeschooling train over here . . . year #13 for us! I wouldn't trade it for the world! I especially wouldn't trade these teenager years. Our conversations are deep and priceless! So happy you get this precious time with your little ones.

  3. Enlightening. Thanks so much for going into the details! I'm enjoying following along on IG.


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