Insta Sabbath

Back in 2011, I had a bee in my bonnet to get an iPhone. Really, I wanted Instagram. I wanted an iPhone so I could get Instagram. I had no idea that IG had a feed and people could actually see your photos. I think I thought it was a photo editing app. Clueless.

Times were different then. The noise of the internet was mostly on Facebook and blogs and Pinterest had just started to take off. Instagram was quiet believe it or not. There were no ads, no stories, and the colors in the photos were muted. I'm pretty sure they didn't even have captions. I'd go days without checking it.

Fast forward to now. Instagram is the most exciting, addictive, and confusing space. It's a love/hate situation for most all of us. I have failed so many times, losing all self control, and literally reaching the end of the internet when I should have been doing so many other things.

As life sucking as it can be, I still want to be a part of it all (happy moments, Chatbooks, filters!), but in a healthy way. How can this be?

 Hilariously, one of my very first Instagram pictures 
#proud #imightframeit

After lots of experimenting with time tracking social media apps and long breaks from Instagram (neither broke the spell it had over me), I landed on Insta Sabbaths.

It goes like this, every Saturday night, I delete IG from my phone. I spend all day Sunday Insta-free. Usually, I don't put the app back on until Monday evening, after all my Monday work has been done.

I have been doing this for months, and it is truly freedom. FREEEEEDOM! I'm in charge of my phone, not the other way around. The weekly practice reminds me that this is an ongoing "issue" and discipline and self-control are more the solution than totally abstaining. Compare it to any vice. One glass of wine is ok, six, not so good.

I don't keep many other interesting apps on my phone besides IG. Without Insta, my phone doesn't have much appeal. It's dead to me. The spell is broken...at least for a day and a half.

How do you control yourself?

On this topic

This podcast episode #209 was excellent. Tsh and Andrea discuss Andy Crouch's book, The Tech Wish Family. I loved the book.

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  1. Good for you! I have been limiting myself to checking 1x a day, but if I've posted something, I totally slip in a lot to check on my comments and likes :/ I try very hard not to be doing social media on my phone when my kids are around.

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