I love Thred Up!

I will get back to food, but for a moment, I'd like to talk about something else. Clothes!

I am in the process of switching out my winter capsule wardrobe for a spring one. And I'm a month ahead of schedule because.......

...spring has sprung. It's crazy, unseasonably warm.

I started shopping for my spring capsule a tad early. Technically, "the capsule wardrobe rules" say you are not supposed to shop until a couple of weeks before switching out the season's capsule.

But I am very limited on time and errand running capabilities.

Also, I felt like I was starting from scratch...yet again! I was pregnant last summer and because of this my warm weather clothing was quite sparse. I was lacking the basics, things like t-shirts, a summer friendly pair of jeans, church clothes, EVERYTHING, etc.

I decided that early shopping was justified and that I would be really stressed trying to buy an entire wardrobe in a two week time. So mid February I started browsing online, and that's when I found Thred Up, an online site that sells used, like-new clothes for women and children.

I cannot even begin to tell you what a great experience I had using this site!

Here's what I got...

two pairs of J.Crew chino shorts (that I love)
a J.Crew Factory navy cardigan.
a hot pink pair of skinny jeans from Gap
a bunch of brightly colored tee's from Ann Taylor Loft.  
two pairs of Citizen for Humanity Jeans (that were already hemmed!!! - the perfect length)
3 spring dresses
a Madewell, linen sweater!


Boom. Spring capsule done and done. And all for a fraction of the price it would have cost me to buy these items first hand. I basically bought an entire wardrobe for myself and some coats and play clothes for the kids.

Like this sweet in-perfect-condition coat for Caroline for next winter and the graphic tee for Laurie (pictured above).

I'm not completely organized yet, but for all practical purposes, I have a fully functioning spring wardrobe that would have taken years of acquiring and hundreds (hundreds!!!) of dollars had I not found the awesomeness that is Thread Up!

Part of Thred Up's genius is they will give you a refund on most items. If you don't love it, no harm done, send it back to get either full store credit or a refund minus a return fee. 

I have only purchased items from Thred Up, but you can also sell them your gently used clothing. It is so easy to order a bag and kit from them and send it back...for free. SO easy -- so I'm told by friends who have sold their stuff.


My three tips for using Thred Up...

1. It's good to be familiar with how specific brands fit you. I only ordered from brands I was very comfortable with and I felt confident everything would work size and style wise.

2. Know your measurements. Each clothing item has measurements listed which is so helpful! I definitely got out my measuring tape before placing my final order.

3. Search specifically. Thred Up has incredible searching abilities. Be specific. J.Crew short sleeved cotton floral blouse. Hot pink Gap jeggings size 26. Search it, and you will be amazed with how successful your search can be.


So...have you used Thred Up? Would you?

I normally don't do consignment because I hate digging though all the musty clothing, and I just don't have time! But I loved using this site. After having such a great experience, I cringe a little at the thought of paying full retail price.

If you use this link, you will get $10 off your first order and I will get $10, too. Win win for us all!

Madewell sweater + Citizens of Humanity Jeans

Banana Republic dress I wore for Caroline's baptism


I will try to take pictures and share my spring capsule soon!


  1. I use swap.com. I have both bought and sold on the site, and I love it!

  2. Just logged on to Thread Up. WOW! And I love your thread up "things." The dress for C's baptism is absolutely perfect!! Love you, SB!

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