Winter Faves

We are having some lovely winter weather over here, sunny but cold (my absolute favorite). As I type, I'm sitting by a fire in my slippers in a mostly quiet house smack dab between coffee and cocktail hour. I thought it was a fine time to share some of our best wintry things.

1. Primary puffer coats

The kids got these for Christmas. These coats are so fun! They come in bold colors and are light yet warm. I sized up so they hopefully can wear them next year, too.

2. Budget Bytes chicken and wild rice soup with mushrooms added. This soup is for your body and your soul. My whole family raved about it and I was shocked. I knew at least 1.5 children would hate it. But to my surprise it was a win all around.

3. A good book

Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Callahan

This book is about the relationship between Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis.  Their love story is truly remarkable, and I think this book really does it justice.

4. Relaxing TV

Jerry Seinfields's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Stephen and I started watching this for the second time through, and it is straight up therapy for us. If feels good to laugh our cares away after the kids are tucked in bed.

5. Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl lipstick in the color red lacquer. This time of year all the color is lost from my face. This orangey-red brightens it up and is a nice contrast to winter colors. It's the perfect bright, but not too bright.

I'm cautious with my recommendations. I like them to be vetted, tried and true things I've used,  bought, watched, read, eaten, tried, or worn.

What about you? What's your favorite wintry thing this year?

Favorite winter things post 2016


  1. My favorites every winter - Uggs, a fire in our fireplace, and hand warmers. I pretty much use them every day in gloves and then in my pockets just to hold when I need warming up.

  2. I was just working on a post on my favorite winter things! I always love your recommendations and that soup looks good. I am so over stressful TV lately and when we do watch something, it's got to be light. We have loved the Comedians in Cars episodes we've seen, and also like watching to occasional stand-up special on Netflix (Seinfeld's was the best). I wanted to love the Primary puffers but had to return them because they don't cut it for NJ winters. So cute and colorful though and I do love all their things--and their price point. Their leggings hold up better than our more expensive Hanna Andersson ones have.


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