#zerofoodwaste Cinnamon Toast

One of my favorite things to make with the ends of the bread is cinnamon toast as an after school snack. I literally used to throw every end piece of bread to our dogs. 

Now we go through way too much bread to justify not doing something with the ends.

So it's cinnamon toast or oven baked French toast.

Not wasting food is a discipline and a learned skill that I have not always been good at. It takes organization, practice, and a willingness to eat leftovers and food that you may not be totally in the mood to eat.

Debtkickinmom has a great meal planning video about not wasting food! I highly recommend it if your are legitimately interested in reducing your food waste and saving money.

Having a regular shopping day helps me avoid waste. Instead of going to the grocery store on a whim when we run out of food, I have a set day that I evaluate the food we have and make a plan. The regular grocery day also helps me learn how much food we go through in a week. I learn our rhythms and routines which is especially helpful when buying produce or any food that spoils quickly.

2 gallons of milk
3 loaves of bread
a bag of apples
1 head of lettuce
8 bananas
3 avocados
1 jar peanut butter
18 eggs

I know these things because I've been keeping track. It makes it shopping easy and I don't over buy.

Of course we all have to throw food out occasionally. We don't have to get it perfect. But it's worth thinking about. 



an old post on this topic


  1. Your cinnamon toast looks amazing!

  2. I will have to check out that post on no food waste! I do not excel in this area, and I am ALWAYS "stocking up" aka overbuying. Our grocery bills are insane and I have a newfound commitment to trying to stick to our budget. I do have a pretty good handle on what we actually consume in a week but it's a LOT! I buy 11 bananas each week and we still run out by week's end. #houseofmonkeys

  3. ooooh, good idea to make cinnamon toast in the oven!! I hate food waste!! The food waste that happens here is usually someone taking too much food, getting full, and throwing it away. I am always reminding the kids to take a smaller portion and have a second helping if they're still hungry (overeating is food waste, too!!).
    If I have bits of bread around, or bread crumbs from slicing bread, I stick them in a jar in the freezer. When I need breadcrumbs for a recipe, I whirl the pieces in the blender and bam, breadcrumbs! My friend used to toss the bread heels in a basket on top of the fridge and then when they were hard and dry, blend them into bread crumbs and keep in the freezer. Another delicious thing is to cut them into cubes, toss with some olive oil and herbs/salt/pepper, and roast them into croutons.


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