It's a New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope your Christmas was merry and you are rolling into 2019 with a smile. Our Christmas was in the good-to-great, full of it's usual tensions but in the end the kids were happy. Adults, too.

Truthfully, I grow weary of the holiday and crave normal life by the time December 25th gets here. A friend of mine confessed that she too loves the mundane. "I shine in the boring," she says. Yes, I feel the same!

January, I'm your girl. I'm thrilled to get back to regular meals, cleaning routines, and exercise regimens. There are only so many cinnamon rolls you can enjoy in this life.

This time of year is always fun to look behind and look ahead with some reflection. What worked in 2018? What would I like to work on in 2019?

Let's start with what worked -

1. Theme days + weekly routine

meal plan Monday
to-do Tuesday
catch all Wednesday
busy Thursday
play/relax Friday
prep for rest Saturday
rest Sunday

I have never felt so regularly on top of things as an adult since giving each day of the week a theme!
Especially To-do Tuesday when I handle all administrative duties that I normally put off as long as I can.

2. Running

When my 4th grader signed up for the school's cross country team in September, I took up running to help him train. Much to my surprised I loved it! I found it to be so therapeutic and a great way to just run it out - the stress, the carbs, the general irritations that come with parenting and family life. I try to go 3-4 times a week for a couple of miles at a time. It's the best! I don't dread it at all. In fact, I crave it.

My husband started running, too. We even ran on a vacation. Who are we?!

3. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a video app that lets you leave video messages for friends. Two of my best collage friends and I got on it this summer and we have messaged each other nearly every day since. It has been the most soul satisfying thing to connect with these dear friends. We talk about literally everything...marriage, parenting, style, parenting style, and our cats! We all have fabulous cats.
4. Quitting wine

I'm not saying I will never drink another glass of wine (I love wine), but for the most part I quit wine. Since I was 12 years old I have had on and off migraines. They are hereditary. My grandmother and 2 of my aunts have had a similar life long struggle. I have pin pointed that red wine is a big trigger. So I quit drinking wine and the headaches are GONE. It's funny - I've switched to liquor, enjoying a gin and soda or a bourbon on the rocks. Never felt better. Cheers!

5. Minimalism

I have long been a fan of a good declutter. I read Marie Kondo in 2014. But I would have never claimed minimalism as part of my identity until this year.

In 2018 I was ruthless about not only getting rid of unnecessary things but also about not acquiring new things. I did a 5 month "fast" from buying clothes for myself and I essentially quit shopping except consumable goods or to replace worn out items. I'm looking at you, new sheets. I worked hard on re-wiring my brain and habits. (This deserves its own post.)

With Christmas just behind us, I'm compelled to share that because I was so restrained about not buying things this year, all the Christmas gifts were much more cherished and enjoyed - both the gifts we gave among our immediate family and the ones gifted from extended family as well. Also, we have 2 winter birthdays and instead of being grossed out by more gifts, there is actually room for these new things.

I want to manage my stuff, not have my stuff manage me! This was a breakthrough year for that.

Looking ahead. I don't have a New Year's resolution, but I chose a word for the year.


My whole life I have struggled to be a good sleeper, even in infancy and babyhood. So this year I want to focus on sleep. Everything about life is easier and better when we have rested well. I'm not quite sure if I will master the art of good sleep this year, but by golly I'm going to try! Tips?

What about YOU? What were your successes in 2018? Your ambitions for 2019?

Thanks for hanging around this little ol' site! Love and Happy New Year to each of you!

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  1. Love your reflections and so glad that "no wine" has helped the migraines. Love your sleep goals. You were, indeed, a struggling sleeper. I remember putting you into a crib when you were at Chuck's. We'd think you were asleep and then your head would appear just over the crib rail. You'd be so tired that you could hardly hold your head up but you just couldn't sleep. You'd want to sleep, but you just couldn't. Look forward to your 2019 posts. (Great photo of your kiddos.)

  2. Love the idea of the Marco Polo app—one of my best friends and I struggle to find time to talk on the phone and she lives far away, so I love the idea of video messages. Depending on what your specific sleep struggles are, I may have ideas for you. I’ve had some major sleep issues at times in my life too and have my system down pat now. It only my family would let me sleep, I’d be golden! I, too, shine in the mundane. Love that! Happy new year!

  3. 2018 was the year I took up running, too!! It has been life-changing for me! And it does help with sleep, too :)

    I read somewhere that the military teaches its soldiers a very effective technique for getting to sleep bc soldiers are often in stressful environments and desperately need that good sleep. It has to do with turning off your brain - can't remember the specific technique.

    Love your assessment of your year :) And I REALLY wish Christmas could get about a week of fuss and be done - I hate how it takes over December and creeps into November.

  4. If you find good sleep remedies from the posts above, please share!

  5. Tart cherry juice! This might be the weirdest suggestion you get regarding sleep, but it’s a real game-changer for me. I drink about 4-6 oz. with 4 oz. water (I find it a little too tart) during the half hour before I want to fall asleep. I also tackled little annoying lights like the one on our air purifier with black electrical tape. I’ve never slept better!

    Great tips, by the way. I’m integrating theme days into 2019 thanks to your post on them, and I’m already noticing big changes for the better around here.

  6. My word for 2019 is gratitude. I normally don't do words or resolutions, but this 2018 was a very stressful year with gearing up for my hubby to be self employed. Now I feel I need to be released from unneeded stress intentionally and focus on gratitude. So that's my focus in 2019! Plus, often what we focus on can changes our minds (like literally the connections of our brains) and our perception of reality, so I am hoping to have peaceful gratitude in 2019. It's intentional work, but worth it I think. Also, I took up running 3 years ago after suffering from postpartum anxiety. I use to think running was horrible and not know why anyone wold do that to themselves. But after baby #3 it became my only outlet for my "craziness". And now it is such a part of my life and routine I can't imagine life without it. It is such good mental therapy and so good for your body! Keep it up! Before you know it, you'll be shopping for "real" running shoes and cute Adidas pullovers ;) In 2018 I discovered a paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe that has almond butter. It has been my treat after kids are in bed, plus it makes me feel not so bad since it's "healthy".


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