We got a Roomba

Actually it's an ILIFE V3s PRO Robotic Vacuum. Same difference. It's a robotic vacuum. My mom generously gave it to us because we have 4 kids, 3 pets, and my 9 year loved "playing" with it so much at her house.

I posted this picture on Instagram and received a handful of questions and a request for a blog post.

Since I'm new to the robotic vacuum scene, I can't speak too much on the issues, but I will say I'm considering walking barefoot through my house after years of never doing so. There's a lot less grit and grime on the floor.

It works! Will it fix all my housekeeping woes? No. But it helps.

The most satisfying thing about it is emptying the compartment that traps all the dirt. It will blow your mind! No way a human can sweep all that up. Also, it goes under things - the beds, the sofa, the chairs. It's pretty sophisticated and rarely gets stuck or has an issue getting over a threshold or rug. It's a win-win-win.

If you're considering getting one, I say go for it.

How does the Roomba compare to the one I have? I think it's known for being quieter. But other than that, the ILIFE V3s PRO is treating me just fine. 

This is What Happens When a Roomba Meets a Pile of Dog Poop at 1:30 A.M. 


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  1. We bought one for ourselves for Christmas because three kids, a cat and a dog who are in and out, and yeah, dirt. So far it's great, and Iove that it goes under furniture, which I rarely move to vacuum.

    I am super paranoid about that video though, and am only running it while I am home to supervise, ha.


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