Decorating for Christmas - Low Key (Low Cost)

Being completely honest, Christmas blows the budget. Rounding up a few hundred dollars to buy gifts is not such a big deal, but the cumulative effect of decorations, cards, holiday food, babysitters for parties, a December birthday thrown in, and all the unforeseen expenses - it adds up.

Over time we have curated our holiday expenditures and cut the things that are low on the totem pole. BUT if I have the opportunity to dial it back even more, I'm not gonna lie I get a saver's high.

All this to say, I'm pretty proud of my low key (low cost) Christmas decorations this year. It didn't start out that way though. December One I was psyched to go to Target and see what Joanna Gaines had to offer, but when the time came to part with my actual dollars - I thought twice.

I texted my mom and asked if she had any brass candlesticks I could borrow. She did! I had a bee in my bonnet to copy Caroline's mantel with the ivory and gold tones. I love how it turned out!


Along with the decor I already had (kids' art, advent calendar, nativity set), I found a huge Pyracantha bush in an empty lot on my street. It took the clippers to it and made a few Christmasy arrangements.


Besides the tree, a couple strands of lights, and 2 wreaths for $12.99 total - the rest of my decor was free. Either we already owned it, or I borrowed it, or I simply brought the outside in with my clippings and Christmas tree branches.


The hominess of Christmas is my favorite aspect of the season (besides Jesus, of course). It made my heart happy to get resourceful with the decorations instead of swiping my Target card.
Mom life lends itself to a near constant struggle between creating versus consuming. It felt good to create.


What about you? Do you love Christmas decorations?  Do you find joy in restraint and taking the more homemade route?

Reminds me of a favorite quote...

The enemy of art is the absence of limitations 
- Orson Wells

A Christmas post I wrote last year


  1. Your home is wonderful!!! And I love this line from last year's blog - "We pick and choose for the sake of our souls." That applies to more than just Christmas, but it certainly applies now!

  2. I love that poem! And your home looks beautiful. We might need to hear about what looks like a new room! I love Christmas decorations but don't find myself in a phase of life compatible with too much restraint or homemade. I'm sure our budget and my husband would appreciate if I put forth more of an effort in those areas but it's too stressful right now. Maybe one day.

  3. I have either gotten my Christmas decorations after Christmas during the 50-75% off sales or at thrift stores. At some point, you really don't have to keep buying them because you have enough.

  4. I don't have a ton but what I do have has been accumulated over the years or I have been gifted (though I actually sold a few things on FB marketplace this year). I usually buy a fresh wreath and garland for the front door but this year we have some financial goals and I couldn't justify them. I got an armload of tree clippings and made a garland and zhushed up a grapevine wreath and it's just as pretty ;)

    But agreed -- it's not the gifts it's all that other stuff that kills the budget!!!

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