What are you getting your kids for Christmas?

Lately, my kids have been "playing martial arts" - it's what they call it. They pretend fight in our front yard for large portions of the afternoons after school. They also like to sword fight with sticks (yikes! I can't watch).
It's good, clean fun - the kind I read articles about how kids need to play outside more without adult supervision.

Point being, mostly...they don't play with toys. So I am a little stumped as what to get them for Christmas. Sure they have extensive lists, but really the fun is in the list making not receiving ALL the things that just don't hold up.

So...what are you getting your kids for Christmas?

Here's a few suggestions from Christmases past that have been winners, things in which the glory has lasted more that 12 seconds and I'm not chunking in the trash come January.

We have spent hours on our spider swing, adults too!


The only toy you really ever need. These are worth every penny. Buy as many as you can afford.


Tempera paint sticks
These are so fun. The tempera paint sticks make vivid pictures but without the crazy mess of getting out the paint. Tip: be careful to put the tops back on because they do dry out. 

balance bike
Balance bikes are the best for learning to ride a big bike. Caroline is getting one this year. Shh!

Much to my surprise, this Kidizoom watch was a huge success. My kids received these last Christmas when they were really pushing us for a techy gift. It satisfied their craving for screen time, but it's way less memorizing than an iPad. Way less.
VTech Kidizoom smartwatch

What gifts have been a big win at your house?
What are you getting your kids this year?

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  1. Yes to Magnatiles and the spider swing! Our girls don’t really play with toys either, at least not the way the toys were intended to be used. I’m doing a post on gifts soon if I can get it together. I love open-ended gifts that can grow with kids since they serve more than one purpose. Check out the Bilibo if you don’t have any yet.

  2. Great ideas for us to think about with Griff and Sadie (Steve's oldest has a 5 and 3 year old). Thanks, SB

  3. Great ideas!

    We like to do special trips as gifts - one year an airplane ride in a tiny plane over our county, one year a weekend trip to a big city with a hotel pool (the highlight), etc. We encourage these gifts for birthdays, too.

  4. Our older two are getting new scooters. And to off-set that active outdoor toy, a Kindle Fire tablet. I am not a huge fan of tech for kids but my husband wants them to have it. I concur with all of your other suggestions -- we have them all except the swing, and only because we don't have a suitable to hang it from!

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