TGI...Christmas Break!

Hello out there! Merry Christmas!

Over here we are thrilled, thrilled that it is Christmas break. With school winding down, so do all the parties and hoop la that go with it.


I have found the way to enjoy the season is to embrace and love the things we do and be proud of the things that we don't do.

we do...
put up a tree/ decorate the house
go to the amazing music services at church
buy family gifts
buy teacher gifts
watch Christmas movies
make hot chocolate
make the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls
go to Christmas parties

we don't...
go see Santa
make gingerbread houses
do excessive baking/make sugar cookies and decorate with kids #nope
send holiday cards (love receiving! but I don't send)
give neighbor and friend gifts
do a family advent devotional #aintnobodygottimeforthat


All this could change one day, but for now this is where the lines fall.

My kids are happy as can be with a cup of hot chocolate, a fire, and a strand of lights in their rooms. Life is stressful, add in all the Christmas extra and its beyond too much. We have to be ruthless as we pick and choose for the sake of our souls!

A few of my Christmas favorites from this year and years past are....

these citrus ornaments made them last year! so pretty

a couple of playlists on Spotify - Christmas Peaceful Piano and Navidad Instrumental
I'm convinced my children behave better when there is instrumental music playing.

a movie - The Apartment - This is not a kids' movie. Actually, it's a little dark and its not exclusively a Christmas movie. But it takes place around Christmas. It won best picture in 1960. If you like old movies, you'll love it. You can rent it on Amazon for $2.99.

hot, peppermint tea - goes great with anything chocolate
chai tea 

thought this was a super helpful gift guide, The Very Best Gift Guide for People You Sort of Know

lastly, a must read.... Christmas Guidance for Moms

What about you? What do you do? What don't you do?


  1. I've missed your commonsense posts!!! We do basic Christmas over here, too - a few years I blogged about our very short Christmas to-do list. I do a family card about every other year - this year I did one and enjoyed it. There's a gingerbread house party at one kid's school where we just show up, so we do that. We love Christmas caroling, so we join our church for that. We might watch one Christmas movie, but I find that sometimes the movies (and catalogs! and even some books!) create an over-the-top version of Christmas that can make me and my family feel like we're missing out for being so low-key.
    Blessings on you and your dear family as you stick to the important things and keep your sanity :)

    1. Thanks, Margo! I have missed being here. As I told another friend, school life and being in the car, homework, etc... take all my free time. I hope that will change.

      Your simple Christmas sounds perfect. And you are so right - most Christmas movies can be totally obnoxious.

  2. SB - I love this post - esp. the pix of Caroline and George. We are planning on coming to Greenville on Christmas day. I think Lovie said you'll be there. If so, we'll be thrilled to see all of you. In the meantime, have a great "last week before Christmas" week.

  3. Also, what charming thing is Caroline wearing in the first photo? It looks vintage and cute!

    1. It's new, but she can wear it all winter since it is red and not exclusively a Christmas dress.

  4. I join in with Margo to say I've missed your posts. In fact, I found your blog through hers.
    My Christmas celebration is very simple - no traveling at all. Five strands of lights outside by the front door. A miniature tree inside. Low key turkey dinner as soon as the turkey thaws (bought Dec20th) and then leftovers. Christmas Eve service at church.
    Be Blessed. SJ in Vancouver BC


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