Baby Girl Winter Wardrobe Update

We are having a legit winter over here, and it's awesome. Where we live, it has not been properly cold in two years. Winter is a means to coziness. I'm relishing coats, soups, fires, hot tea!

Even though I welcome winter, the last burst of cold temperatures exposed our wardrobe inadequacies, especially for Caroline. Girl needed some boots! Also, I was kinda embarrassed because everything she was wearing was so small, old, or inappropriate for the weather.

Though I was not planning on buying anything but groceries in January, I found myself click click clicking away on Amazon. I've written about Fiream clothes before and have had a few questions since.

So I thought I'd update: I love them. I find the quality to be good. I'd say they are comparable to Old Navy or Target. I like that all items are 100% cotton. My girls love the fun prints. They do fade over time, but so do the nicer brands of clothing we own like Boden, Gap, and Hannah Andersson. For the many many times I have to wash these clothes, I think they have held up just fine.

And the coat?! How cute. It's reversible.

I often find myself conflicted about children's clothes. One one hand, kids are so hard on clothes I don't want to shell out the cash. On the other hand, this is their one childhood and I want them to dress adorable. This brand has really solves my dilemma.

We are in a much better place with Caroline's clothes, and I did not spend a fortune. Win-win.

Have you tried this brand?
I think their boy stuff is adorable, too.

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  1. Look at sweet Caroline! She is a fashion maven!! Well done, SB!

  2. Hi Sarah! I love these kids' clothes! I've actually started purchasing these on Ebay directly from China. They are about half the price as Amazon and have free shipping. Shipping does take a little longer.... but with prices so cheap, it's super easy to stock up for the next season. Here is a link for one of the Ebay shops I use...


    Lauren F.

  3. We tried Fiream after your last recommendation, and my kids love how soft they are! I’ve noticed more fading on the thinner knits than the terry, but that doesn’t stop them from choosing them out of the drawer often!! Do you know of any comparable brands that go up to bigger girl sizes? I love this look, but we’re needing more like 7/8 now!!

  4. I just ordered a few tops for my seven year old, who hit a growth spurt and cannot wear anything from last winter! Thanks for sharing -- i'm sure you've noticed how sketchy things get in the older girls' section and these are still age-appropriate AND affordable.

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