PSA: the CUTEST kids clothes on Amazon

Is it the Trump effect?

Is it the end times?

Is it a computer glitch?

I don't know, but apparently a clothing brand named Fiream that is a supplier for mini Boden is now selling their clothing on Amazon for dirt cheap prices.

I've lost sleep over this because I'm not in the market to buy children's clothing right now. But I did purchase a few items for my girls because....you are only a little girl once! I had to.

The boys' stuff is darling, too.

I love that all the clothing is 100% cotton, and the playful patterns are so forgiving in the stain department.

Here's a few of my favorites...I'm sorry and you're welcome.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I told my daughter (she's on a tight budget, but loves Mini-Boden), and she bought three dresses for her little girls. And Grandma now gets kudos!

  2. Oh my good these clothes are so cute.I haven't seen these types of clothes before on amazon.I am thinking to purchase these.


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