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So many times I have sat down to write a post and my brain is just fried. Pretty sure I use up all my words and thoughts on my kids. And the interruptions...don't get me started. I'm working on sending them outside to play and "do not come in unless you are bleeding." For some reason I'm terrible at enforcing these boundaries.

What about you? Do you have any resemblance of quiet built into your day? Even 15 minutes to work on a hobby? This has been such a challenge for me with school age children.

My babies have always napped, but these big kids, well, they are always there and they are loud!

So until I get a little serenity built into my routine I'll share some of the best of the internet I've come across recently.

Have you seen this? Hilarious.

How to Frame Big Art on a Small Budget - great idea!

I bought this dress in 2 colors, the green and the pink- love it.

My Mini Fridge Taught Me How to Cook

Five Tricks: Five Years Younger

We tried this pasta recipe last night and it was a huge hit.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - I just started reading it. Have you read it?

I wish I had a legitimate need for this quilt.

31 Things Your Kids Should Be Doing Instead of Homework I'm going on the record and saying it. I don't like homework.

Caught a miracle moment of Caroline actually playing with toys instead of body slamming me or running into the street. She. is. wild.

 That's all I got.

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  1. So I literally lock the door when my kids go outside to play - I even put a little potty outside for Ragan to use if she needs to potty. I have started 'a tree grows in brooklyn' about 5 times - still on the first chapter --- kind of like how I can't finish a thought.... no way a book is getting finished.

  2. I love A Tree Grows in Brooklyn! And another by the same author, Joy in the Morning which is shorter and about a very young married couple.

    That pasta looks great and so fast! I will make it.

    I must absolutely have silence without anyone talking to me every afternoon. I'm extremely strict about this, or else I lose my mind/temper late afternoon and suppertime. So I make the big kids leave me alone for an hour or two every afternoon if they're home (Phoebe naps). I tell them they can't talk to me unless it's an emergency. I am sometimes willing to let them watch a movie if I can't hear it. When they were slightly younger, I would send them outside in all weather and reward them with hot chocolate if they were out long enough to "get roses" in their cheeks. When they were in early elementary/preschool, they had to do a quiet time on their beds with books every afternoon.

  3. Oh, the interruptions! I highly identify with that Onion "article." I've always had nappers but we're about a month into transitioning my oldest to afternoon quiet time since the girls are now room sharing and I need to make sure she's fully tired/ready at bedtime now. I set her up in the guest room with colored pencils/a notebook/a stack of books and set the nap timer for 1.5 hrs (used to be 1hr but it wasn't enough time for either of us) on her Onaroo clock while my youngest naps in their room, and I try to recharge a bit before this baby comes and I truly have no downtime!

    Great idea re: the Target frames. I love Framebridge for cheap-ish but professional framing too. I haven't read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn since 7th grade but now I want to pick it up again! And I don't have school age kids yet, but I'm hearing of more and more parents opting out of their kids doing homework for many of the reasons listed in that article! I think they just notify the teacher at the beginning of the year and I've never heard of any school pushback. Not sure if this is doable at private and public schools, or just public. Worth a look into!

  4. Thank you for including my "5 Tricks:5years Younger" article... :) xv


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