Fall Meals

A while back I learned the magic of having a meal bank, a list of meals our family eats regularly that I can easily refer to when meal planning.

I recently switched out my summer list for fall and winter foods, whoo hoo! Though it's still summer temperatures where we live, it is time to change up the menu and embrace soups, glorious soups.

The beauty of fall and winter food is that much of it freezes well and is even better the 2nd or 3rd time around.

Today, I'm sharing my fall meals. I will link to some of the recipes, but honestly I am not a strict follower of recipes. I'm always substituting up and improvising. If I left a link off a recipe, it's because I can't find one close enough to the one I use. I will do my best to do separate posts on those meals....especially this slow cooker chicken curry pictured below.

Fall Meals

taco soup
turkey chili with black beans
super food soup
chicken and quinoa soup
lentil soup
vegetable soup
chicken tortilla soup

red beans and rice
chicken pie
hot ham and cheese sandwiches
sloppy joes
hamburgers/ turkey burgers
greens, black eyed peas, corn bread
sheet pan chicken

roasted sausage and veggies
enchilada casserole
slow cooker chicken curry
fish and roasted vegetables
homemade pizza

We don't strictly eat from this list. I do a lot of roasted vegetables and salads as sides. I use up leftovers and make random soups. Also, I use a lot of ground turkey instead of ground beef. This list is here for reference when times are tough and I'm stuck.

What are you favorite fall meals?


P.S. Using Walmart's online grocery pick up is keeping me sane!


  1. Love that you linked to the recipes! I'm doing lots of veggies and cheese dishes - eggplant parmesan (simple NYT recipe), spaghetti squash with homemade (easy) marinara and cheese, and more.

  2. Oh thank you thank you for this post! I made that sausage and veggie recipe last week and loved it. This lemon chicken soup is one of my favorites in my fall/winter rotation: http://www.laurenliess.com/pure-style-home/oh-my-must-try I just tried out the easiest chicken parm recipe last night and it is a keeper too. https://cupofjo.com/2017/09/easiest-skillet-chicken-parmesan/
    I will look forward to that curry recipe, it looks delicious!

  3. what a great post! When I have time (dies laughing), I will click through your links and look.

    I have a friend who always had a fall supper of apple dumplings at least once.

    We like Liberian Pumpkin when the squash starts coming in: http://thriftathome.blogspot.com/2010/01/dark-days-week-8-liberian-pumpkin.html

    And all manner of soups. Also, so glad you introduced me to sheet-pan chicken. My family is begging for it, but gosh, it's in the upper 80s today and I can't bear the thought of that 500-degree oven :/

  4. My mother had a similar type of list just kind of a chart on which the dishes were mentioned against the week days. It worked really well to maintain our diet and we got exceptions just on Saturday.

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