Fake It Till I Make It - Fall Things

We started a renovation a few weeks ago (yea!), but we are in the not-fun phase. And it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Fall is here, but not because the heat is still very real. Always a downer.

I'm bogged down with helping two kids with homework every afternoon. (WHY?!)

Anyways, it all hit me over the weekend and I was over it. Bad mood galore.

These fall-y things were my attempts to embrace fall over the weekend and to be cheery in the midst of frustration.

mini pumpkins on the mantel

pumpkin muffins

dark floral dresses - so fall (love)

cheap Mums

switching over to our fall dishes, Woodland Spode

No doubt a crisp fall day would cheer me up. Until then, Jesus take the wheel. I'm just going to keep faking till I make it.


  1. Indian summer up here too! The heat makes me so cranky. But I'll be jealous of you in the winter when we're up to our ears in snow! Homework sounds awful. Maybe you should move cocktail hour to that time? Yay for renovations (eventually) and faking some cheer--I am a terrible faker but every time I try it really does help! I could've used that trick this weekend too--grumpiness all around!

  2. I so get the stress. I love how you are managing it. And Laurie is becoming your mini-me!! (Oh, and I agree with you about homework - too much!. I wish I were there to help you with that at least.)

  3. Love that you have fall china!!

    HATE homework. And I don't think it's as necessary as the schools think it is. That's basically all my 6th grader did today besides school and meals. Poor girl.

    Also, renovations make me crazy. I need order and calm, which is the opposite of a renovation. I just try to focus on the end result. Bless you, honey, as you cope.

  4. I politely told the school that JM would not be completing homework for this school year. They didn't even bat an eye and said "OK". Oh, my. Our evenings are so much better now.

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  6. Your life is my life, your survival methods and mine are the same! So glad to have such a kindred mothering spirit.

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