This Week's Meal Plan

I'm trying some new dishes this week.

zucchini fritters and a sausage and veggie sheet pan dinner served over rice

What's on your menu this week?


  1. tomato pie and green beans! Also, Smitten Kitchen's summer stir fry (I have a half-written blog post about it - sighhh). And hamburgers with all the fixins and roasted potatoes. Also using coupons to eat dinner out because mama needs an assist.

  2. I always love your meal plans! I've been totally uninspired in the kitchen all summer and am hoping to find my motivation once my girls go back to school next week. I might have to try that sausage and veggie bake this week--I'm all about the sheet pan meals!

  3. This summer I first started cooking a sausage veggie pan dish. It has turned into almost a weekly go-to dinner for us. It is easy to vary it up with whatever kind of veggies you have on hand (fresh or frozen) and Costco has several different kinds of yummy sausages. You are right, it is a quick healthy dinner that everyone will eat.

  4. My husband had surgery a month ago, and I'm still in survival mode but slowly coming out and trying to rein in the budget. It got harder once school started and pick up interfered with my prep time. My menu for the week: Roast with mashed potatoes, leftover roast beef with cheese in pitas, chicken nuggets (from a bag!) with rice, burgers with fries, skillet chicken with leftover rice, pizza from Papa Murphy's (my fave meal of the week because everyone is happy!!!!!)

    I like the simplicity of your menu.


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