Spring Capsule Wardrobe + Still Loving ThredUP

This is my spring capsule wardrobe! I have too much. But the weather is all over the place, and I feel like I need a lot of choices to figure out what I'm going to wear in my "new normal" life with 4 kiddos in the spring and summer time.

In a month or so, all the jackets and long sleeves will be totally obsolete. I plan for this capsule to get me through March, April, and May, and most of this will also be for June, July, and August as well. I will just have to freshen things up a bit.

Hilariously, I have come up with some theme words for my spring capsule. These words came to me...and they all start with C.

Comfortable - because I want to be comfortable, always

Colorful- because after the blacks and grays of winter clothes, it is refreshing to have color

Casual- because this fits my lifestyle

College- because my daily uniform is basically what I wore in college - colored tee, bootcut Citizens of Humanity jeans (from thredUP), and Chacos

Camp Counselor- because this wardrobe somehow feels very campy and 90's (I went to camp all through the 90's)

Also, I have to tell you again...I love thredUP, and much of this wardrobe pictured below is from thredUP. Thank you to all of you that purchased clothes through my link! You can still do that and get $10 off your order and I will get a $10 credit, too. A win, win.

This jacket is my most recent favorite find from thredUP....It's J.Crew, perfect condition. I paid $35. It would have cost $135 in the store.

winter capsule wardrobe 2016 
I love thredUP


  1. i love those pink pants and that boho sleeveless top! i need help with making a capsule wardrobe. weight gain has limited my own choices. i'm afraid i'm going to have to buy some new things just to get by until i lose some weight. does thread up allow you to do returns, or do you just send it back as your own, and they credit you that way? i still haven't tried it but i have the bag you send in. i'm anxious to try it!

    1. They will give you "store credit" or you can get a refund with a transaction fee.

      I understand about weight fluctuations. It's so frustrating.

  2. I'm so drawn to this wardrobe capsule idea. Do you pack-up each season's wardrobe in it's own container or do you leave everything hanging year round? Also, Loft vintage tees are my absolute favorite. I never tire of them.

    1. I pack everything away but the season I'm currently wearing. I store everything in 2 small boxes. I've really decluttered to just the stuff I wear.

  3. Will you post your shoes too? I'm currently working on my first capsule- excited!


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