My Go-To Weekend Meal

This post is the fourth in a series about about food, grocery shopping, cooking, and good home cook kitchen habits. I'm learning as I go. Please weigh in with your secrets, tips, and tricks. There is always something new to learn in the kitchen!

I was unloading groceries from Costco the other day and my sister happened to stop by. She saw me grab these Kirkland 1/4 pound ground beef patties out of my Suburban, and she asked if they were any good.

And I told her - Yes, these are amazing! These are what sustains our family right now.

We call them skillet burgers because we often cook them on a skillet (or griddle). But lately the weather has been so gorgeous we have been cooking them on the Green Egg (which is exactly what the Green Egg is intended for, a warehouse store pre-pattied burgers).

At least once a weekend, we eat these burgers. They are something I don't really have to think about. Also, they are DELICIOUS and a meal my husband can cook from start to finish.
 (My mom took Laurie to Wal-mart and let her pick out a nightgown. )

 We have been dining al fresco as much as we can, lately and it has been glorious. I adore spring!

There is only a short window of time when the weather is nice and the mosquitoes are still in hiding. 

Truly, skillet burgers are a delicacy, so satisfying and festive! This meal helps us feel like we are getting a treat, but keeps us eating at home. We fancy them up with slices of tomato in summer and pickles, lettuce, and cooked onion in the other seasons.

A lot of times I will do roasted sweet potato fries or another roasted vegetable, but when I'm feeling really desperate (like this past weekend), I'm not too sophisticated for frozen French fries.

Do you have a meal like this? One that's easy, comforting, and will keep you from being tempted to get takeout?


  1. Hi Sarah, I try to keep homemade chili, taco meat and pasta sauce in the freezer for quick meals. We have also been enjoying Tyson popcorn chicken and crispy chicken strips. They are both real chicken white meat, not chopped up parts, and they bake in about 30 minutes. The grandchildren really like the popcorn chicken.
    Your burgers looks delicious!

    1. I have got to try the chicken! That is a great idea, especially because I don't want to burnout on my burgers!

  2. I honestly think I could eat grilled burgers every day of the week. Just because they're good, you don't have to think about it, and no one complains. Are they as good fried in a pan? I've never cooked them in a pan on the stove. We also buy, at Costco, the Tyson breaded chicken breast tenderloins in a big bag. You just take out how many you need and pop them in the oven with roasted potatoes or french fries and you're good to go!

    1. Yes, I think they are great cooked in a pan. I use a cast iron skillet. Kind of a mess, but still fantastic.

      You and the commenter above totally have me wanting to try breaded chicken! Putting them on my list for my next grocery trip.

  3. oh my gosh, that nightie cracks me up! Grandmas are the best and little girl taste is so funny.

    Would love to eat a hamburger right now - yum. My parents keep these patties on hand, too - also the salmon ones, too, I think.

    I always have frozen pesto cubes in the freezer - boil some pasta, stick a cube in the hot pasta and it's done. Sometimes I toss broccoli in with the pasta while it boils. This is my absolute go-to because we all like it, it's reasonably healthy with WW pasta, and the baby can eat it too. Another thing is tomato soup and grilled cheese. That one is better for cold weather, though. My oldest can make mac and cheese (homemade, not boxed - recipe from Auntie Leila's blog) by herself and yesterday she did that for supper because she didn't like what I had planned and I was happy for a break from a cooking :) I did make a salad to go with it because I felt like it. Sometimes my husband will make a stir fry with random veggies and some oyster sauce and then we eat it on rice, sometimes with chopped peanuts.

    Did you see the roast I posted about on Sunday? That is going to be a go-to for me, I can tell. I forgot to mention one way to eat it - stir some salsa into the finished beef and juice, and eat it in tortillas or taco shells. Toppings optional. Very messy.

    1. Thanks for reminding me of pesto. Have not had it in so long....I forget about it. I love all your ideas!

      Just checked out your roast, and I have to make it. My husband (and kids) would love it.

      Oh the day when my kids can truly help in the kitchen!

  4. We've tried the Jennie-O turkey burgers of the same premade type as these beef ones, and those were really good skillet cooked, too. They are yummy on the grill of course as well. You can add a bit of seasoning if you want (or not). I've also been using small croissants from Aldi and toasting in the oven with sliced deli ham and provolone/swiss for a quick hot sandwich, as well as a really yummy French baguette that Aldi sells so cheaply with roast beef deli slices and provolone. Both are so quick, inexpensive, and you can put them with soup, fries, or any other side. (They are similar to your make ahead freezer sandwiches, I imagine!) Thinking of take-out, I've also enjoyed making simple veg Lo-mein recently from "damndelicious.net" and adding chicken potstickers on the side for a little protein (and more carb! ;) ) Walmart sells a yummy brand Tai Pei. Skillet fry them and use the dipping sauce! My kids like this meal, too. Jessica Jones

  5. Burritos is often our go-to weekend meal. Easy and everybody likes them:)

    Your burgers look great though. Will have to try those frozen patties sometime.


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