Taco Soup + Decorating Wins + Photo Bomber

Made taco soup this week. It's an old-y but a gold-y, don't you think? I used a similar recipe to this one.


I'm on a decorating kick after reading Myquillyn Smith's book, The Nesting Place. But of course, I'm trying to use as much of what I have as possible.

Truly, the message of her book freed me to be myself in the decorating sense. I'm feeling more confident and not so afraid of making mistakes. It's all trial and error, and messing up can just be part of the process to creating a room/home you love.

I considered the wall gallery over the sofa a huge win this week! I've been trying to decide what to put up there. I wanted something colorful and after some experimentation I settled on a vivid collection of prints I have. The common theme - all Mississippi artists. Nod to my home state ;)

My cousin did the water color of the house in Seaside and gave it to us as a wedding gift. It needed to be re-framed, so bought the frame for $25 at Hobby Lobby. I wish could have gotten it on sale, but given that HL is not close to my house, I figured it best to just get it.

I'm giving myself a small allowance each month for home improvements.

If you can't tell, let me state the obvious.... I love color! Especially unexpected color combinations. 

Here's another area I'm tweaking and loving.

For laughs, check out this photo bomber...
I stuck a sweatshirt in his backpack expecting cooler weather to come in, but it was totally unnecessary. It's still hot. Come on, fall!

The end.


  1. For future reference you can always down load the 40% off coupons for hobby lobby on your phone!!

  2. Stephen Small has a great future as a male model. And your house looks wonderful!


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