Mending + Reheating Pizza + eBay

Several months ago I gave up sewing. I did not have the time and it was not enough of a priority to make the time for it. What was once fun became frustrating because of interruptions and the fact that if I wanted do it, I had to neglect something vital to my schedule....like making dinner or sleep.

So I quit, hung it up, gave away my fabric. I almost sold my sewing machine, but my family recommended that I hang on to it....just in case. And I'm so glad I did because although I gave up sewing, turns out I did not give up mending!

Recently, I have hemmed, mended, and stitched so many children's clothes. One booth at a re-sale shop I like had a going out of business sale. I was able to buy George some things a size up and hem them.

It was freeing to give up the "big hobby" - sewing. But it is nice enjoy using the skill to repair and tailor some (not all) of my children's clothes. I'm saving money by doing it myself and it is not very time consuming at all.

I bought this plaid longall on eBay for $9, had a red G monogrammed on it, switched out the Scottie dog buttons and I'm calling it George's Christmas outfit.


Have you seen on Pinterest this best way ever to reheat leftover pizza? A skillet. This is genius. It is so delicious because it makes the crust nice and crispy.

This is Friday night's pizza served for Saturday lunch.

Confession: we dipped it in homemade ranch dressing.

 How to Reheat Your Pizza at Home


Another eBay find, this $11 Auburn cheerleader outfit.

I'm loving eBay these days!


  1. You have budding models in Stephen Small and Laurie! They are darling. And love George's Christmas outfit. Good finds all the way round.

  2. It is possible that I love mending more than sewing! It's usually so much faster because I'm not starting with an uncut piece of fabric. And I adore choosing patches and new buttons. That Christmas outfit is mighty clever.

    I also love ebay for kids' clothes and shoes! It's so much easier than traipsing around lots of shops.


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