Costco Faves + Grocery Shopping with Kids

72 oz. bag chocolate chips when on sale $7.49, normally $9.99
I divided these up in 6 Ziploc bags, that's 6 batches of chocolate chip cookies!

Rotisserie chicken $4.99
I cut some chicken off and set aside to freeze. Will make chicken quesadillas next week. What's left we will eat as is on Thursday night along a side of cooked spinach.  

Organic whole bean coffee $12.99. I love this coffee!

Apples $6.99. Great price in season. We go through a carton of apples a week.

Huge box of organic spinach $3.99. Five year old Stephen loves cooked spinach! French Kids Eat Everything. Last night we had brussel sprouts and he was whining about wanting spinach instead. Good problem ;)

He has the biggest sweet tooth, so I'm glad he is balancing out and enjoying some greens.

Not pictured:
milk $2.89

bag of 6 avocados $4.99
I will make guacamole for the quesadillas next week. I also love to eat avocado on toast in the morning.

It has taken me a while to learn what we like at Costco and what will not go to waste. I also have an understanding that going is a big event. If the children are with me I prep them about their behavior and what is expected. Stay near the cart, do not ask me to buy anything besides what's on the list, etc. I learned this tip from an older-than-me mom at my church. Talk about expected behavior on the way to the store.

I also try to offer some incentive if they behave well. If y'all obey we will eat lunch here or buy a box of Oreos, etc.

I also know that loading the car is an ordeal and unloading at home and then putting all the food away is a massive undertaking. I try to make day of it, consider it my exercise, and prep everything at home like making space in the refrigerator and cleaning up the kitchen. Typically on the days I go to Costco I aim to have a simple dinner (like Rotisserie chicken) because I'm weary of dealing with food. 

In a perfect world I would never take my kids to the grocery store, but sometimes it is just unavoidable. I tell myself "people have done harder things, like go war". Usually that puts things into perspective.


  1. Love the line "people have done harder things like go to war." It's true, but taking kids shopping (and a lot of other things) are tough in their own way. Great insights on good planning and good thinking!

  2. That last line- perfection! Great seeing you at the Co. I'll use some of your tips next time!

  3. I'm applying the "war" mentality right now! Love it.

  4. Like go to war! LOL

    I try to leave my daughter at home for shopping trips. There are some weeks it is unavoidable to take her with me. I'll have to remember it's better than going to war. Or the dentist. ;) But it might tie with the dentists office, I don't know. Hmm.


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