My name is Sarah Barry (double name). I'm married to Stephen and we have 4 fantastic children.
Stephen owns and runs a construction business. And while I am not technically employed, I do manage to find a few things to do.

I love to write about home and life. I enjoy finding systems and rituals and tricks to make my life (our lives) better. I like to share with you my sanity savers and my bad habits and goals. I could talk for hours about organization, capsule wardrobes, books, blogs, and shopping online.

My hope for Somehow We Manage is that it can be 1- a place to laugh, 2 - a place to learn together, and 3- a place to get inspired to love our families, homes, and friends to the fullest.

So glad to have you!

If you have any questions or post ideas, please share!

email: sbspooner@gmail.com


  1. Just found your blog..Have enjoyed reading it..You have an adorable family... I am Mama to two grown kids,and have 5 grandkids.. I noticed you said you were from Ms..I live in Ms.. Small world..ha

  2. oh my goodness, I love everything about your family photo! Symmetrical, yet casual. So natural, yet what a neat pose. wow.

  3. Hi Sarah Barry! I'm just a random blog reader, but I saw an ad for a site on fb today I thought you may like. Primary.com. They have children's clothes. Real basic stuff. I was loving it. Just thought about you and wanted to pass it on!


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