My name is Sarah Barry, and this is my family. To God be the glory! I love these people.

My husband (Stephen) and I have four precious children - Stephen, Laurie, George, and Caroline. 

Stephen owns and runs a construction business.

And while I am not technically employed, I do manage to keep myself busy.

I enjoy roles as wife and mother. I believe that it is my responsibility to set the tone for our home, making it a happy and safe place for our family to fuel up and then go out into the world and become the people God is calling us to be.

I love blogs, and I find so much encouragement in the wealth of information they behold. Much of what I write about here is what I'm learning in life, what I'm enjoying, and how to get better at what I do, being a wife and mom and homemaker.

My hope for Somehow We Manage is that it can be 1- a place to laugh 2 - a place to learn together and 3- a place to get inspired to love our families, homes, and friends to the fullest.

So glad to have you!


  1. Just found your blog..Have enjoyed reading it..You have an adorable family... I am Mama to two grown kids,and have 5 grandkids.. I noticed you said you were from Ms..I live in Ms.. Small world..ha

  2. oh my goodness, I love everything about your family photo! Symmetrical, yet casual. So natural, yet what a neat pose. wow.

  3. Hi Sarah Barry! I'm just a random blog reader, but I saw an ad for a site on fb today I thought you may like. Primary.com. They have children's clothes. Real basic stuff. I was loving it. Just thought about you and wanted to pass it on!


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