Easter Basket Tips

My sister did the smartest thing with her kids' Easter baskets last year. They did them on Saturday instead of Easter Sunday. I thought this was brilliant because chocolate candy and your Easter best do not go together.

So we are totally doing the Saturday thing this year.

A couple of other thoughts and ideas....

I don't go crazy with candy. One or two special treats is more than plenty. Each of my children will be receiving one chocolate bunny. This was a revelation to me after a few years of everybody getting their own big bag of candy.

I also like to think summer when doing Easter baskets. Traditionally I give bathing suits. This year is an exception because we are good in the swimwear department. Sunglasses, sidewalk chalk, beach towels, goggles, pool rings (as pictured above) make for fun, useful gifts.

My friend, James, said he always got little packets Zinnia seeds tucked his basket. I think this is the most charming idea since after Easter is the appropriate time to plant Zinnias.

Debt Free Dana shared the idea of recycling and rounding up all your stuffed animal bunnies (and there are many in our house!) and putting them out with the Easter baskets. It makes of a great presentation and you are using something you already have. My kids would love this.

Debt Kickin Mom shared in her Insta-stories recently that she is putting a hand-me-down bathing suit in her younger daughter's basket. I totally stole this idea and I'm putting some cool hand-me-downs in George's basket this year.

Everything does not have to be new! I love this idea. We can save money and really squeeze the value out of things we already have with a little re-packaging.

So what tips do you have about Easter baskets? Please share!


Also, this post. They were so little.


  1. We've never done Easter baskets. Our kids never knew they existed. Now that they've grown, they've never mentioned not having them. I've always made a nice dinner with a special dessert on Easter. I also have a candy dish with malted milk eggs and that's it! I guess if you've started the tradition of Easter baskets, you must continue. I think your ideas sound nice and quite frugal as well. If I had started them, I would probably go the route of the dollar store and get chalk, color books, jump rope, etc. rather than a bunch of candy. My kids would not be at all excited about getting clothes lol.

    1. Same. My kids are 10, 13 and 16, and we've just never done it. They love dye-ing eggs, having a lovely dinner and making a bunny cake, but the whole basket thing was never really part of our tradition.

  2. I like all of your ideas! That Saturday idea is the best!! I remember one Easter being an almost disaster with the candy and nice clothes. My bigger boy was three then. I bought each boy a basket for their first year, and every year we have reused them. When it came time for candy, I started putting 3-4 jellybeans in a plastic egg and putting a handful of them in the basket. I'd also include an inexpensive gift in anticipation of summertime fun. And one other candy is always included (at least for the older boy) -- a Pez dispenser. I'll probably do the same with my toddler when he's older. Both sets of grandparents are extremely generous, so the Easter Bunny has never had to do too much around here, but I've always enjoyed doing something. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  3. We have always done Saturday, always done swimsuits and goggles, sidewalk chalk and a book usually. And this year I’m doing the same, one special chocolate bunny for each kid, and that’s it! I love Easter baskets so much.

  4. I do new pajamas at Easter! I don't know why. Ha. But it's fun!

  5. I started a tradition of a treasure hunt with one treat at the end, so the kids come down on Easter morning to a clue on the dining room table and then it takes them on a trail of clues to (this year) one chocolate bunny, small. That's it. Because they got a whole bag of candy each from their aunt. Some years I even just use the bags of candy as the end prize. I like your Saturday idea - Easter Sunday if packed full of treats already.

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