Best Mom Suit

Last year, I finally found the perfect swimsuit, the Landsend Tugless One Piece. This suit is sturdy. It's nicely lined. It's classic. It has a tummy control option. Maybe I take advantage of that...maybe I don't. And did someone say tugless?!

Yes, no tugging! This thing stays in place when you don't have the luxury of grabbing your kaftan before dashing after your two-year old.

Also, it's 39.99 and you can usually catch a sale.
I have it in black and red.

And if you need a good laugh.....I Swimsuit Season So Hard

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the video link - I laughed my head off! And I have been wearing Lands' end suits exclusively for years! But I adore their tankinis for the extra coverage swim-minis and ease of bathroom use :) The initial cost seems high, but I've had my suits for years (navy and coral!).


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