Write It Down

This week I'm writing things down. I'm working on quitting afternoon coffee. I'm trying to read to George everyday. I want to sort through my e-mail daily instead of letting it pile up and get out of control. 

Yoga/Pilates - 4X this week. 3 blog posts. Stop looking at screens after dinner (keeps me awake).

With the kids, I'm working on manners and nightly routines.

I finally ordered some new shoes for 2 kids and a few new clothes for the other 2. Gah! Why is it so hard to make those buying decisions? Am I the only one?

I wrote it all down.

What needs to be penned is a little elusive. I write down read to George, but reading to the other kids is built in to our routine. So no need to write it down.

I write down quit afternoon coffee and deal with e-mail. But I don't need to write make the bed or prepare for dinner. Because I just do those things. They are habits.

I get much more done when I write things down. Writing it (whatever it is) gives it validity. I have a list to answer to, and I'm not run by my emotions. It's embarrassingly simple, but something I forget all the time.

Are you a list maker? Do you write things down? Do you forget like me to write things down?


  1. I think your difficulty in making purchasing decisions is in your DNA. There were times when I would say "let's just get them both" (like when you visited me in Nashville) just to scoot you along a little bit.

    And I, too, love writing things down.

  2. I'm a Bullet Journal lover now. It helps me to empty my brain of all of the things I should be thinking about. And I love checking off completed items!!
    I love the sippy cup in your picture! Makes me sad that we don't have sippy cups at my house anymore.

  3. i work outside the home and care for all aspects of my family's life. If I didn't write things down, not everything would get done! I don't have a daily "to do"; more of a running list.
    I put little open boxes to the left of my task. I've found that the more detailed the list, the better.

    The more you do something increases your chance of becoming a habit!

    -Kim from Philadelphia

  4. I keep my sanity with this practice 😳Gets it out of your body and alleviates stress.

  5. I love writing things down. I love making lists and crossing things off it. But...I write down things other than to-do lists. I write down books and movies I'm interested in. I write down recommended paint colors. I write down all sorts of stuff I want to remember. The thing is, I write this stuff all down in a notebook and it all gets muddled together and I can't find what I'm looking for later. I have yet to solve this problem!

  6. Oh, by the way, where did you get that lovely soap dispenser?

  7. Yes. I keep notebooks where I write down weekly and daily plans, lists, etc. I choose a different mantra every week to write at the top of each page and map out how I want my day to look based on Donald Miller's productivity planner. You can get a free template at the Storyline Blog. It works for me.


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