I wish you could have tea with me

Hello, hello! 

Let's catch up! Over tea....

If you could come to my house and sit on my sofa I would make you a ginormous cup of this Bigelow vanilla chai tea. It is so delicious with a little milk and honey, seriously what all our tea dreams are made of.

I would then tell you that we all have colds (uggh!) and we haven't slept great and we had frozen pizza for dinner last night and that things are changing in the pizza department around here. After a 7-year-long stent of having homemade pizza every Friday night, we are switching to spaghetti and meatballs.

I'm tired of pizza, specifically my homemade pizza. Plus, this allows me to embrace frozen pizza more often, which is so wonderful because I can totally use another easy easy meal in my repertoire.

Switching gears...books. What are you reading? 

I've been reading too many things. I'm the kind of person that likes to have only one book going at a time. But lately, I've had four going at once. I'm now down to three. I just finished The Curated Closet: A simple system for discovering your personal style and building your dream wardrobe by Anuschka Rees. I thought it was fabulous.... F A B U L O U S! It's very technical and prescriptive, and it has totally changed my perspective on clothes and shopping and style. After the roller coaster of body changes from pregnancy and going from my 20's to my 30's, this book was the giant style therapy session that I needed. The author addressed the issue of budget throughout the book, and I found all her advice on that topic extremely helpful. Go read it!

The Thorn Birds is the next book I'm about to finish. I got this recommendation from one of the What Should I Read Next podcast episodes. I have really enjoyed this book. It sucked me in from the beginning, and I have found the setting in Australia to be so fascinating. Though it's a long one, and I'm ready to finish!

I'm listening to The Firm. And I'm reading this parenting book with my Kindle app. Both good.

When I finish all these I have Before We Visit The Goddess up next.

Yesterday, I got a little color put on my hair which I haven't had done in at least 5 years. I showed my girl what I wanted and she said "oh, you want a balayage." After she explained it more, I was like heck yes, I want a balayage. Why has no one ever told me about this before? It's a much more natural and subtle look than highlights. Also, it's way less maintenance. Here is my finished hair. If you need a hair person, go see Page at Amplify and tell her I sent you. 

We have a four day weekend, and I'm seriously so grateful because we need time to get over our illnesses.

I have a huge pot of red beans and rice going in the slow cooker for tonight.

Right now the kids are watching a movie, and I am for real about to go put on my comfy clothes and take it easy for the rest of the day.

So what's up with you? What would you tell me over tea?


  1. Hey SB. I'm always so happy when I see you have a new post. I love, love, love your hair and hope you all get well very soon. We love you!

  2. Share your recipe for the red beans and rice?? Please?

  3. Did you buy The Curated Closet book? My library doesn't have it. Is it worth owning?

  4. I'm going to say something so trite. I wish we were friends in real life. Neighbors actually. I would totally have tea with you. Constant comment is my fave (old favorite....took a break from her for a while and tried a few others...PJ Tips and a pumpkin blend, but now back on CC) I would tell you about reorganizing my closet, reading Rules of Civility until waaaay too late in the night and how it was so liberating to do something like that because I haven't stayed up late to read in years. I've would be completely okay with the chaos and disorder of an ordinary Monday and we'd share the cute thing our youngest child is doing these days. (Our youngest, Andrew -5- asked for lemon Sunday at the dinner table and it made us all smile) we alternate pizza night and burgers for our Friday nights. Burgers and beer are more of a summer thing but I'm sticking with the rotation for now. I am still loving the lazy genius blog. She's so funny dontcha think? Well, that's all for now. Happy Monday! -Denise

    1. I meant "we would be okay with chaos and disorder of an ordinary Monday....." but then again maybe most of your Monday's are orderly and calm? Some are and some aren't, here. 😇

    2. Denise - we would be great friends and neighbors. I love CC, too. Good for you for indulging late into the night with a good book. I read Rules of Civility a few years ago - loved it.

      Yes - The Lazy Genius is hilarious!

      Thanks for your kind comment!


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