Baby Trick - Use Your Pack 'n Play

Ever since Caroline could crawl, I have had our pack 'n play set up in the living room or master bedroom.

I let her crawl and roam the house for hours, but if I need to...

transfer a pot of boiling water to the sink to drain noodles,
run outside to check on older siblings,
empty the dishwasher with two hands,

then in the pack 'n play she goes.

I think I underutilized this option with the other babies. But I wish I hadn't because it's so nice to put the baby down and know they are safe! Especially with multiple small children!

Also, this time around I have made pack 'n play time a part of our routine. Usually I put her in there before nap time for about 10 - 15 minutes. I think it calms her down. Also, it gives me a break!

At first, she fussed a little. But she grew to like it and occasionally an older sibling will jump in there with her.

I wanted to keep the crib exclusive for sleeping. Pack 'n play is for playing, know what I mean?

What do you think? Do you do this with your babies? It's been a life saver for me.


Also, remember these piggy cupcakes?! This week I have the privilege of making another batch for another kindergarten program.

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  1. My babies are teenagers now and I did use a pack 'n' play for them. It works great for keeping them safe while you are tending to other things. When I was a baby, my parents used a wooden playpen. They were common back in the day. I find people's kids these days are so wild and seem to have the run of the household. Maybe playpens helped with that in the past; I don't know.

  2. Yes! I need to do this! Phoebe is insanely EVERYWHERE and I need to keep her safe and give myself a break (she opened the front door this morning!). My mom says she did this with a "playpen" when we were small and that it seems to help children calm down and focus on some small items to play with instead of roaming.

  3. Thank you! I did this with my 3-year-old but haven't broken it out for my youngest daughter, who's Caroline's age. Getting ready in the morning, SO PAINFUL. Getting that pack and play set up today!

  4. The pack in play was my go-to for my last 2, I used it everynight when I cooked dinner. Total lifesaver. And agreed - pack n play is for playin'!


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