Lessons Learned on Halloween

This year, my older two children (6 and 4) had a lot of expectations surrounding Halloween. They put their order in early for costumes, and I obliged....all to have them ditch their new costumes for old ones at last minute.

Lesson learned - I'm never buying Halloween costumes again! 

We did have a nice (crazy) time. Hay ride, trick or treating...the whole shebang! My parents were visiting and had a delicious pot of gumbo waiting for us at the house. It was all very fall-ish, minus the 80 degree weather.

There was a moment during trick or treating that my children starting running in three different directions on a dark and crowded street. Maybe I freaked out a little. Ask my husband.

Another lesson learned - have a family meeting/pow-wow before trick or treating about sticking together, the buddy system, and not running wild into the night.

Experience is the best teacher!

The thing I like most about Halloween is the pictures of kids in costumes. Each one makes me feel so nostalgic. This photo of my kids and my niece and nephew is such a framer! I love it. It almost makes me forget the panic attack I had.

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