I do not aspire to be a fashionista. But I do love clothes! And I love to feel good and look nice. For the past couple of years I've really been trying to find my style...as a mom, as a thirty-something, as a pregnant lady. Y'all, it's hard! It's hard to dress well when your body is constantly changing shapes and sizes. It's hard to keep up with trends. It's hard to avoid trends and find classic clothes. It's time consuming to shop, try on, take back, and alter clothing. The seasons change. What you feel comfortable wearing changes i.e. I will never wear another strapless dress for the rest of my life...those were so 2006.

I know, first world problems.

All this to say, I've had a lot of ups and downs. But all the online "window" shopping and fashion blog reading is starting to pay off. I'm hitting my stride. I don't have near the buyer's remorse I used to have. I like my clothes right now.

One valuable tidbit of wisdom I've acquired through all my "research" is to wear more dresses.

Women used to wear dresses (and for good reason!). Dresses are feminine, comfortable, and best of all, a one stop shop because you don't have to pick out a top and a bottom. I have officially embraced the dress as an everyday, day in day out option.

One day when I was wearing a dress, my husband came home and said - "I love it when you wear dresses." I was so flattered.

One thing that triggered my dress-love was discovering an old family photo album with a bunch of my dad's childhood photos. In all the pictures, my grandmother is wearing either a dress or a fantastic blouse and a skirt. She looks fabulous...on vacation, with babies, at children's birthday parties, at the family reunion, etc. Dressing nice was the standard, not just for special occasions.

Anyways, I love the idea of dressing up more as the norm, specifically wearing more dresses. Both of these dresses pictured above are from Old Navy. Between a little store credit and sales, they each cost less than $20.

What are your thoughts? Shouldn't we all wear more dresses?!


  1. So cute. And, you know, I hadn't thought of it, but Chuck almost never wore slacks or shorts. Maybe it was just that we lived in a "June Cleaver" world as far as fashion was concerned. Anyway - you are absolutely darling in those dresses.

  2. love your dresses! And hooray for hitting your fashion stride - I did, too, although I'm anxious to get back to my real wardrobe after this baby is born. I'm not fond of my maternity clothes from 7 years ago :)

    I wear dresses or skirts/tank tops all the time in the summer for every day- so much cooler. I've found when I dress up, I prefer separates because then I can change up my outfits and not get bored. But for every day, I just want quick and functional, so dresses it is.

  3. I used to feel like if I wore a dress, I needed to be "made up" with full make-up and hair done. But that's not true! I've found that a cute dress, a little lipstick, and a ponytail is just fine. Love this post. Also, dresses go a long way and don't have to be laundered after each wear, too.

  4. I was thinking "uggghhhh what to wear" until I saw this. You inspired me to recycle the denim shirtdress from church yesterday - worn then with wedges and jewelry, today with sneaks and a ponytail. Even got a couple compliments!

  5. Absolutely, wear more dresses. I LOVE to wear dresses. I think they're more comfortable than jeans.
    Aunt Lauren


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