Tea Drinking

I'm a tea drinker. And I did not come by it honestly. For the longest, I drank a cup of coffee every afternoon. It was a "get away"and re-fuel type situation.

But after a real bad stretch of terrible sleep, I decided to switch to afternoon tea. As a matter of fact...decaf.  It took me weeks to adjust. I wanted the jolt and tea did not deliver. But I knew I could not go back to not sleeping.

Now I really feel like I'm on the other side. I'm weaned from my 2 pm coffee. I love tea, look forward to tea. And I sleep.

One of my favorite parts of this new tea thing is every time my 5 year old hears the whistle from tea kettle he yells, "OH Mama! I want some teeeaaa!" 

Right now he's taking his tea and watching Mr. Rodgers. What a life!

 When I am drinking the caffeinated variety, I love Harney and Sons.


  1. Love that Stephen Small! What a kid.

  2. Mmmmm, sleep is good! I love both tea and coffee, but I have to limit caffeine to the morning and not have too much. I'm impressed that you got off your afternoon coffee.


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