Easy, Cheap Way to Hang Kids' Artwork


Last week was long, busy, and packed with so many details. By Friday I wanted to do something fun and creative, a non-chore. But I only had a tiny amount of time (and money).

I wanted to do something with this bare, brick wall in our family room. This corner is the perfect place for this children's desk and two little chairs. The desk belonged to my grandfather when he was a little boy, and it is my favorite piece of furniture ever! Often, we let the kids eat here and many times the desk serves as the check out counter when they are playing store.


I have been debating about what sort of artwork to put on this wall. I originally wanted a huge black and white photograph of my kids. Like this. But I don't have the right photo. And then there's the cost of the frame.

Also, since it's brick, drilling a hole for a frame is tricky.

Then I had this other idea.... A friend of mine, who has a gorgeous home, hung a bunch of her children's artwork in her entryway using this putty. $3 at CVS.

I knew this idea would be perfect for this corner! $3 and I had my creative, minimal time required "project" on a Friday afternoon.

My daughter helped me decide on the placement of the pictures. We were thrilled to see these works of art go up on display.

I love that this project has a big impact and was so inexpensive. Also, I can rotate out the artwork as new stuff comes in.

The putty works great for securing frames on the wall so they will hang straight. Perfect for wall galleries

Also, Sorting Kids Artwork, To Keep or Throw Away?


  1. Love the way this looks! And I'm loving the glimpses of your new home and your new photo on your blog!

  2. what a charming corner!!!

    that putty was my BFF in college living. I still use it occasionally - great for art museum postcards in the bathroom :)

  3. If you want a huge print of your kids without the frame expense, here's what I did…took a high quality picture of my kids (good camera, not from a phone) to a print shop that does work for engineers and architects (though I've heard Office Depot, etc have the same capabilities) and had them print it on regular paper 24"x36" (a standard size). It comes out looking pixelated but really neat, and you can't tell from more than a foot away. I mounted it on foam board using spray adhesive. It super light, easy to hang ( you could probably even use the putty), and cheap enough to replace when you want to. Hands down, my favorite wall hanging in our house. It does need to be black and white to look the best but I think you'd love it!


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