March Goals

Read the book of Isaiah

Write one page in prayer journal each day

Read at least one book to Stephen and Laurie each day

Memorize one proverb

Pure Barre 3X week

Blog 2 X week

Make and order one photo book (hope to do this on spring break)

At the beginning of the year I wrote down some goals. Each month I'm breaking them down in to realistic steps.

February was short and intense, but I had great success with my goals! One way I stayed focused was I wrote my goals down most everyday, just a short abbreviated list. I picked this tip up from blogger, Kat Lee who writes at Inspired to Action. This practice keeps my goals in the front of my mind daily.

I was so relieved to get to the end of last month that it has taken me awhile to get focused for March. But there it is, March goals. Better late than never.

One goal that has continued to be a challenge is reading to my kids everyday.  How hard can that be?! Well, very. The logistics of situating the other two kids while I read to one or picking out a book that two of them agree on can be so chaotic that sometimes it's not worth pushing the issue. Reading is supposed to be fun! So I have narrowed my reading goals down from 3 X day, to 2 X day, to 1 X day. One book to Stephen and one book to Laurie, together or separately. This is simpler, more realistic, and does not overwhelm me. And the beauty of down sizing this goal is often we end up reading more that one book!

By being consistent, I'm hoping that organically more reading will creep into our day.

I want to be faithful in these things that are so very valuable to me.

What are your goals these days? Are you succeeding?


  1. Just wanted to say that we've had good success letting each child pick a book at bedtime (they're ages 5 and 8). They usually both listen to the book being read. Sometimes my husband will read 1 book and sometimes I will read one book. When the kids napped, we always read a book before naptime, too.

    I love your tips for setting goals! I need to think about this. I usually set weekly goals, but that's more like a to-do list. . .

  2. Love George's two chins. :)

    I can so see how writing down goals would encourage perseverance. And I love that your goals are simple and feasible. I tend to write down "run a marathon" when I can barely jog a mile.

    Your goal of reading the book of Isaiah reminded me how much I love Isaiah 53.

  3. Your babies are so precious! Do you listen to Kat Lee's podcast? She has one for Inspired to Action and one for How They Blog. I have really enjoyed them both! Love your goal setting tips...I have combined my to do list and calendar which has been a big help to me.


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