2014 Goals

It took me a while to come around and make some goals for 2014. Like so many, I'm reluctant to make a resolution only to crash and burn 2 days later. Also, I was out with the flu at the beginning of the year, and in my helpless state all goals seemed out of reach.

So here is my list. I tried to break my goals down into doable bite size pieces. Some are small, but I've already experienced some the fruit of being consistent, even with little things.

Bible reading and prayer life
read 1-2 Kings before March 1st
prayer journal - write one page a day
memorize one Proverb a month

Pure Barre 3X week
Plan afternoon snack and enjoy it (I always eat badly in the late afternoon).
Sleep. If tired from waking up early, try to coordinate children's rest times and take a nap. Sleep late one day week.

Children and Reading:
Read 1 book at breakfast
20 minutes in the afternoon
20 minutes at night
(less TV, more outdoors)

2X week
 (more if possible)


My proverb of the month-

A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. Proverbs 25:28


pictures from the park this morning.
Is there anything more invigorating than a cold, sunny day?!

Laurie's shirt from this cute Etsy shop


  1. It looks cold and windy. And Laurie looks like a movie star with her shades, her cool coat, and her darling coat. You ALL look wonderful to me, by the way.


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