Lazy Day Food

Last night before bed I knew we had to take the day off. We have been going going going, and the  thought of making anyone find their shoes made me twitch a little.

At 10 am I found myself still in pajamas and making this omelet type thing.

I started with a little diced onion, sautéed it in a pan with a some olive oil and butter. Then I added a handful of cut up spinach and quartered grape tomatoes (red and yellow). Last, I poured in two beaten eggs, salted it, put the lid on, and ta da! An egg-omelet-frittata type meal was born.

I crumbled some goat cheese on the top. Amazing!

Also, our lazy day included hot chocolate and my specialty - a peanut butter and honey sandwich. And maybe we did or did not drive though Starbucks to get some chocolate croissants late afternoon.

It's cold and rainy here so we have relied heavily on homemade play dough and Mr. Rodgers for our entertainment.

For dinner, chili.


These knives are my new favorite. Ours were in need of replacing and we did not want to spend much on new ones. So far, I'm thrilled with them.

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  1. Your frittata and sandwich look amazing! Glad you took the day off. That sounds like a very wise idea!


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