Hot Chocolate After School

Friday, we had the funnest little TGIF celebration after school. Hot chocolate with whipped cream! My Laurie adores chocolate.

This book looks cute.

My mugs are Fiesta ware. For my birthday last year, I asked Stephen to pick out a mix of colorful mugs and bowls. Because what says 30th birthday better than mugs and bowls?! What I love besides the colors is how sturdy they are. I don't mind the kids using them. Also, they are extremely  affordable.


  1. Your adorable Laurie has good taste. And what a great way to celebrate Friday... or Saturday.... or birthdays.... or days when Auburn wins at football... or times when Grande comes home early. Hot chocolate with whipped cream works on many occasions. And I love your fiesta ware.

  2. I have always loved Fiesta ware and some day I want to have a colorful mix. . . and I love serving hot chocolate to my kids. Sometimes I do it for breakfast, sometime if they play outside in the snow long enough to get roses in their cheeks. . .


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