Evening Routine

I read a lot of books and blogs about time and home management. They inspire me. One consistency I find in these resources is the importance of having a morning and evening routine.

Some people are naturally routine oriented. I am not. I have to work hard at bringing order into my life.

Also, it's no surprise that life mothering three young children can quickly get out of control. I find that in order to thrive, I have to err on the side of more structure and routine than naturally suits my personality.

Our morning routine is still a bit sketchy because my children are such early risers. I'm usually in the throws of parenting in the wee hours. (As I type, there is a squirmy George in my lap. It's 6:04 am - and he slept in today!)

My evening routine is much more established. I love it, and since consistently practicing, it is amazing the order and peace it has brought to my days. I especially love my routine by the lights of the Christmas tree!

Evening routine

*wash George's highchair tray - because there is nothing worse that having to do this in the morning.

*prepare the coffee

*load/run dishwasher - I'm down to one load a day since I use paper plates for breakfast and lunch.

*kids to bed- pajamas, brush teeth, books

*15 minute tidy

*relax, get on computer, watch television with husband

*screens off at 9pm - I find that I'm very sensitive to screen time right before bed, and it is so much easier to fall asleep if I cut all screens off 1 hour before I try to fall asleep.

*address bathing needs (Typically, evenings are when I get a shower.)

*make a few notes about the next day, write a to-do list

*get in bed, read

Of course, like all of life, it's not perfect. I don't always follow this routine in the order listed above. But when things get crazy, I come back to this simple orderly way...and all is right with the world.

Do you have a morning and evening routine?


Here are a few of my favorite books about time/life management.....

One Bite at a Time by Tsh Oxenreider

Destination Simple: Rituals and Rhythms to Simply Daily Life by Brooke McAlary

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine
*will be released Jan 21, 2014


  1. I love this - and my husband was the one who introduced me to the idea that screens right before sleep can interrupt sleep. So I try to be careful about that.

    Our mornings are pretty scripted because of school and work. We actually use the clock (blogged here http://thriftathome.blogspot.com/2012/11/2-tips-for-school-mornings.html) to help the children stay on task. Evenings are dishes, start a load of laundry, kids clean up toys, kids to bed, sewing or computer or talk to husband or all three. Read in bed - I always have to read in bed. I'm less fond of evening activities that disrupt the bedtime routine with the kids - we skip the stories and clean up and they go straight to jammies and brushing teeth. Less fun for all.

  2. Love this. I, too, thrive with a routine…especially now that I'm working a second job at home. We don't have a morning routine, but our evenings are pretty scripted. After supper, I clean the kitchen while the hubs bathes the kids. When they are done, we all clean up the playroom. I try to throw a load of laundry in the wash at night, too, so that in the morning it's ready for the dryer (if I remember). Aside from Saturdays, I work at night after the kids go to bed. Typically, I'm in my pajamas and in front of the computer screen by 8:00. I have to keep my jobs separate or else everything starts to crumble. If I even allow my mind to drift into business mode during the day, I become very distracted and usually do half-hearted work on both ends!

  3. I love the screens off at 9. I get interested in stuff online though and although I'm tired and need to turn off computer, I keep looking…reading…searching. How do you make yourself end at 9 if your in to something? Do you finish up what you are looking at even if it is 9:30?

    1. Love this question! Yes, I totally get caught up on the internet. But I know if I stay on too long, there will be a consequence. Often it means I will be sleep deprived the next day or I can't wake up early and have my alone time or go to my 5:45 am exercise class. As the clock ticks I know I will have to "pay."

      Knowing there is a consequence motivates me to just shut it down. I've made myself miserable zoning out one too many times.

      I would love to do a post on this question.


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